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Yet another FALSE announcement


Quoting from the opening post:

" Strike Events , including Scent Strikes and Boss Strikes, will average 11 per week rather than 16. This is enough that players will still be guaranteed at least 1 Strike Event per day."

I don’t see any Strike Event today. Yesterday we got two, but it’s not the information contained in this sentence, which implies that every day it’s guaranteed at least a new strike event (otherwise the statement would simply be a tauthology, since 11/7 is always greater than 1)


Maybe because they’re still testing it and it hasn’t updated into the game. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


The two from yesterday are still up for today, so… while I would like to see a new thing every day, they aren’t technically wrong.


Wording should have been different tho: “we cannot guarantee a new event every day, but events will last long enough to ensure the whole week being covered”

They keep using vague wording all the time


That’s preposterous. Of course they can guarantee a new event every day.


In the first qoute they say two events per day… which there is technically in the their are event dinos and treasure chests events.

For strike towers this is Ludia if they give you two 5 step towers on Saturday… this to them means they gave you a 5 step tower on saturday and 5 step tower on sunday. They just gave you an extra day to complete them so you have flexibility based on time needs.