Yet another Monomimus Dodge thread!

I really want to get Ludia response of their 50% dodge code logic.

I just had a fight where 8x turns Monomimus dodged excluding the dodges it did for counter-attack hits.

Really how on earth 50% means 8x+ dodges in same match? Even statically its almost not possible like this (unless there is some under the hood Ludia code to make you lose)

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Yes, this is totally possible.
Because my Monomimus got some 0% dodge in the same time.:sweat:


2x more fights and enemy Monominus and Indoraptor both dodged (Mono dodged everytime) whereas mine didn’t worked any time. (as expected)

and again my Indoaptor not even dodged once (in just now 4x fights). I am gonna give up on this game soon

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and not a single fight where enemy is lower trophies than mine. Is this intentional Ludia? @Ned?

If I flipped a quarter 8 times, potentially it could land on heads every-time. Look at the cologne sex panther, 60% of the time it works every-time!


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I had a Monomi dodge 194 times. How is that possible Ludia.?!??!?

Come on Ned I have not hit a Monomi in six months what the heck


If you flip a quarter 8 times, it could potentially land on heads everytime. There is a certain cologne that 60% of time it works every-time.

If you see this twice a system admin approved the original version… /sigh



How you got that 60% number for 50% chance? And theoretically its possible but practically its near unlikely. And this 8x+ in one match.

Ludia needs to improve it. Like decrease dodge to 2x turns and increase cool-down.

It’s unbelievable the number of times this happens with evasive/cloak

They should really do something about it… it’s EXTREMELY ANNOYING… I’m almost quiting the game because of stuff like that… i feel like a fool, thinking about strategy after strategy, and in the end everything is decided by sheer luck with those moves >_<


Yea, I had a battle today where the opp Mono dodged like 6 or 7 and got hit once. In the same match their Indoraptor dodged all 3 attempts lol.

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I am speechless… almost. Guessing you didn’t actually read my post.

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Reference XD



I’d stopped playing for few days already. If it’s still going like this we are going nowhere. Move up 200-300 score then move down 200-300 score. Though having those clock/dodge help nothing if the system is like this. Also collecting DNA for Unique is difficult af. These scenarios make me quit the game soon.


Evasive is problematic right now. Sometimes Mono and Indo dodges everything and sometimes nothing. This move is the difference between win or loss. You need one dodge but your Mono or Indo get hit. Other time your Indo or Mono solo opponents whole team cause of successful dodges.

I would suggest making Evasive stance like this:
Act first
Gain 50% chance to dodge direct damage for 2 turns.
Cooldown 3 turns
Delay 1 turn

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I read it but seems like I misunderstood, sorry for that.

If you can care to explain a bit more?

I got the 60% time point.

What about your admin related point? @Eazy

I think when enemy dodge or crit everything is because the game decided you must lost the march no matter what you do since start

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