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Yet another post about matchmaking

Is matchmaking actually based solely on trophy count, regardless of what the in-game explanation states?
I am trying to love this game despite all the bugs, flawed mechanics, questionable design choices etc. but the arena experience is just awful lately. Now some of you would say “just ignore it and don’t play arena”… sure, but then:

  1. you get no incubators
  2. no arena restricted dino DNA outside of events, which may not feature the dino you need for months
  3. no epic DNA from the daily since every day there are tasks tied to battles or daily arena incubator
  4. no season rewards
  5. you won’t contribute to alliance goals tied to battles
  6. scratch 6, you’ll probably get booted from the alliance anyway for not being active - so no alliance incubators at all
  7. the only way to get boosts will be just buying them with HC

So, with all these locked behind or tied to the Arena, how come matchmaking is getting worse with each update?

Seems like @Kwaack has a rather low trophy standing compared to the level of dinos he has. Maybe he just doesn’t use boosts, and you do.

I doubt this is the case with the opponent, pretty much every team I fight has boosted dinos. Mine also has - 4 of them. Certainly not boosted to the point where they can compete with 8-9 lvls higher equivalents, regardless if they also have boosts or not. Are boosts even taken into account for matchmaking? I keep seeing insanely boosted Thors and Erlidoms, which is another side of the matchmaking I thought was intentionally broken - in order to lure players into buying more boosts.

That player drops… hes has even made a thread about it in the past…

In avairy the formula is actually like 60% trophies and 40% team strength… so match making will settle for someone relatively close in trophies with you.

I feel they have adjusted match making to make up for the fact less people are currently playing arena.


Well of course I would blame whoever designed the system, not whoever exploits it. With even half-decent matchmaking system, I would not have to waste my time playing matches against this and quite a few other players at all in the first place.
I hope most people, and especially the developers, realize the severity of this complex matchmaking issue. People like me would consider playing less Arena matches -> the matchmaking pool will be even smaller -> battles will be even more boring -> since so many aspects of the game are tied to Arena and battles, some people would just quit the game altogether.
So who benefits from that? Is it really worth it the few seconds saved when looking for a suitable opponent? I dunno, it looks more like a vicious circle to me and a quite discouraging one.

That player would have a difficult time losing at that level, with that team…even unboosted.

Either an incredibly bad player, or something else is happening here.

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Happy cake day!

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I replied in another topic about adding another battle option that would allow people to do battles outside of the tournament. It is in this topic Here is the deal Ludia

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Problem of droppers is back it seems. Arena over 5000 trophies has many over boosted creatures. Some people just want to farm incubators easily. New boost system break the arena as nothing is balanced and never will be in this system. You can play unboosted, but you won’t progress from some point.

They tried solving droppers once and we all know what happened.

Thanks for the input everyone. @Ben_West I saw what you proposed and indeed it would solve some PvP issues if implemented. Totally support that.
In the meantime, personally I decided to cancel my VIP subscription in my first month, it’s just not worth it. Can’t find a single reason to play competitively with this matchmaking in place. Hopefully collecting DNA and fusing won’t get boring soon, but it makes me sad to see so much potential wasted with Arena & Tournaments :frowning:

I believe we will get another boosts reset with 1.11 as they got opposite effect from that they hoped. Players spend way less on boosts in shop than before 1.10. Obviously they fail to make boosts good addition, not game breaking feature. Changing moves and “balancing” stats of creatures every patch don’t help in stabilizing arena either.

Speed boost should give +1 additional speed each tier. This way chompers like Thor wouldn’t be faster than speedsters. Speedsters would be more useful, as it wouldn’t need much speed, so more boosts for health and attack.
Boost cost should be 25 for tiers 1-5, 50 from 6-15 and 100 from 16-20. This way everybody can boost few tiers and last tiers will make players think if they are worth the cost. This way arena will be more balanced and matchmaking at least little better.

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I suspect matchmaking will only get worse due to the decrease in population of the player base after 1.10. So in order for us to get matched up with more players they will probably have to increase the “power distance” between players.

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I’ve seen some bad matchmaking in other (competitive) games but this one simply doesn’t work 3/4 of the times. I don’t want easy wins or impossible matches, and given that very few of the dinos are actually viable (and they are all tiered pretty much where they should be, with a few notable exceptions), it shouldn’t be too hard to find an opponent with a team similar in power to mine.
On the other hand, I can understand Arena droppers - they are only a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. However, exploiting a broken system and potentially ruining the experience for others just to get incubators is not something I would choose to do…

Agreed… boost 2.5 or 3.0 will be here soon. Realistically they only need to address costs and the system would be fine, but its Ludia so they may just change everything.

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