Yet another update with no info

So, there is a new update in apple store. There are no update notes on forum. Are there new dragons coming? What bugs were fixed? Anything?

The notes on app store say “ 1.17.2
Jan 14, 2021

  • Snoggletog has arrived on Berk! Come see what the Holidays have to offer.
  • Introducing the NEW Snoggletog Light Fury! Keep an eye on the skies for her arrival.
  • Various Dragon balancing and bug fixes for a smoother experience.”

I am sorry but I cannot help feeling that the game community is dying . When even admins no more bother to update gamers on what they are doing, what is coming, what to expect… there is no more excitement…


Yes, I agree. After the update, the freezes increased and there was endless loading. happening constantly. so our energies are wasted. a game at least 3 energy. It is not easy to gather energy and waste endlessly charging.

And now we want some excitement. We are old players and we need some difference.


I agree. I have noticed that Ludia doesn’t really seem to care about players issues. Some glitches were around for a year or more and they knew about them and did nothing. It seems when they do fix things they break other game aspects. When they finally fix those aspects the original issues return. It just seems like a never ending cycle and its getting old quickly. Maybe its time Ludia gets rid of developers and brings new talent in to fix these issues because whats there is not working and it shows


My problem is that if admins/moderators do not care any more about the game and updating players, why players should care about the game… personally I feel like I am losing all interest…


At this point, the game is gonna have the same fate as Jurassic Park builder, just wait…

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