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Yettttt another bug


Great, so I began a battle today and my postimetrodon came out even though I didn’t pick it. Then, it decides to use a move I didn’t pick. Next up, after choosing my next Dino, yet again it throws it a different one and uses the move I didn’t pick. The amount of bugs in this game is atrocious. Stuff like this happens DAILY for me. And if a moderator reads this DO NOT ask me about my connection or other opened apps or data usage because it’s not those things. Ludia needs to figure out a way to not only fix these bugs but to make it right with those of us who have complained many times of the myriad issues we face daily but receive ZERO helpful support. Whether that be rembursing us, sending us free incubators, the trophies we shouldn’t have lost, etc.


Hey Majorj, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team is always actively trying to make the game more enjoyable for our players. I’m sorry that you were affected by that issue, however, if you reached out to our support team here at with your support key and more detail on what happened, they can take a closer look and investigate further. If you included any screenshots you have on the issue you had, it’d be really helpful as well.


How are you sure it isnt your connection and/or memory issues?


Paralea is right. Most likely you connection was dodgy for a bit (memory really isn’t an issue unless you have an older device) … and it appears to be a feature of the game that it continues the match even when it sees you wavering on the connection, rather than just forfeiting the match.

go to your settings, click the search thing at the top, and type Update PRL and select that. your device should disconnect temporarily from all networks and do what’s called a ping test, then reconnect. takes about 20 seconds, but it will then connect to the strongest tower signal.

If you’re on wifi, try restarting your router. this will clear any data stored in the router’s cache.

Hope these help.


Lol it’s very easy to see if your WiFi and memory are solid. It wasn’t those things. As I said before.