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Yo,Were are the girls?

Hey Ludia, how is it going? I think that I speak for many players, its that you seem more focused on adding boy matches/storykine abd you neglect the player who prefers girls and dont seem any new content with girl. Like someone point out on the reddit, it’s seem that you are more concern with cis het women than anything else. It is very sad, your character vivide, but you neglect some.

So please Ludia, BRING BACK THE GIRLS!!!


Hi there, @Eden_Landry, thanks for letting us know that you’d like to see more content added to the female characters that are in the game. We’ll pass your comments along to our developers so that they can take them into consideration as they work on creating a release schedule that we think all of our players will enjoy. :blush:

I’ve heard about a ’Release Schedule’ SOO many times, and yet it never seems to come to fruition. I’m starting to think you’re feeding us empty promises,:thinking:


i hate 2 agree with @GoodGuyVoodoo but i must. the support team always says something about release schedules or theyll be back soon.
actions r lowder then words bro. time for ludia 2 follow through


So I just finished the girl content and i Feel…empty No more quirky stuff with Clémentine no more sexy chat with Evenline no more travelling and heart breaking passions with Alice no more werewolf sexe wirh Sage…I miss my girls…Ludia bring them back!! Am I thé only one her?

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agreed. when I started playing lovelink back in September 2020 I cleared out all the women hoping they would soon return but :sweat::sweat::sweat: still nothing.

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As of this morning all of my matches for women are now grey. I’m not interested in the male matches. So where do I go now? Spend gems to un-blur pictures or wait for one of my many grey matches to come back. (Who knows when that would be. Days? Weeks?)


i also have 0 interest in male characters. lovelink doesnt seem to care about that though. they keep unlockin gand tossing i nand presenting more males and leaving the women at the wasteside

I have like 70 % girls, you can have them all.

Yeah okay, it may be true there are more female players compared to male players, but only if there could be at least one or two female characters that are not grey?
If you can do that it’ll be great :relaxed:

I got a notification today that said “shes howling at the moon, will you join her?” So I think werewolf (achtually its “Wifwolf”) girls should be back soon.