Yo, what is this?

Oooh! What is new dragon we gonna have? It looks like a cross between a Boneknapper and a Stormcutter.

What do y’all think? Anybody got an article that says otherwise?


Yep, it is a Boneknapper and Stormcutter hybrid! Apparently the name is Bonestormer

Omg for reals? That’s liiiiit!

I want it now. Like right now. Give it to meh! X333

Can’t wait to see their awesomeness x3

Where’d you get this info?

Here’s a link to a tweet from Titan Uprising


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The hype is real! :grinning:

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Omg this crossbreed looks so good! I want one in my teeeeeeaaam <3

The four star one looks like a vicious brute x3

I don’t think I like this crossbreed, but I guess I’m the only one, huh!

Welp, we won’t know until we see them!

I hope they do a combo of healing prevention and Dot… And maybe a bit of self-healing to sprinkle a little something in there xD

Right… Fine, I’ll give them a chance.

Alright! It’s been about a day since the new Bonestormer event! What are y’all thoughts? I’m at level 30, so I’ve yet to breed with my 5* dragons. At the moment, the highest stared dragons I can breed are Tripfire and Bog-Blight, and I finally got the 2* Bonestormer. My current goal is to get Trügit. It looks b@d@$$.