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Yoshi Elim Squad

So I beat the yoshi tower, and beating one of the most op creatures on a playing ground against my favor made me think. This means Yoshi will fall, so to Yoshi, I say a lot of things (I won’t t go into details). Because of the ease I beat the strike, I say…YOSHI ELIMINATION SQUAD…ASSEMBLE!

Whew, now that that’s over, ima y’all indo2.
I think he needs a protection group that keeps him from becoming absolute garbage. Most of us think that he just needs to lose speed up. Thus I’m forming the indo2 anti-mono squad. JOIN ME AND I WILL COMPLETE YOUR TRAINING

That’s all folks, also my tournament is going to start matchmaking soon so watch the thread Unofficial JWA Tournament as the tourney goes on. I’m updating after every leg.