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You agree boosts have ruined the game

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The main aspect of the game and the balance have been ruined.
Nothing else to say,but hey,do you know how to make them react?
1 star on appstores with a really bad comment and cancel VIP,


I agree…I’m tired of getting wiped out by over powered and way over speedy Thors…ooo and that darn rat, although i seem to be able to wipe it out without alot of probs, long as they bring it out early enough in the match…otherwise it is a pain

For me is a good part of game. Thanks to boosters the strike events are easy. So for me is good for the game. Thanks to strike events can get uniques and legendaries

It’s Ludia. They can’t care less about balance or good content. They care only about money. If they can sell it, they will sell it. No matter of it kills the game.


You mean: strike events are a joke. Challenge is gone, the game is a grind and it’s just about farming DNA?


Stats Boosts
1st Suggestion

Health & Attack Boost

Common-Rare Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 10 tier

Epic Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 8 tier

Legendary Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 6 tier

Unique Creatures
Stat Boost can applied from level 1 to 5 tier

Balance and variety in every arena

Speed Boost

Tier 1 : +1
Tier 2 : +1
Tier 3 : +1
Tier 4 : +1
Tier 5 : +1
Tier 6 : +1
Tier 7 : +1
Tier 8 : +2
Tier 9 : +2
Tier 10 : +3

But as everyone stated there will be plenty of people to express their disagreement(ask for refund),if there will be a Boost Nerf,or if they decide to make TWO Arenas,one boosted and one unboosted.Less playerbase for Boosted Arena.

2nd Suggestion

Instead of Boost nerf, why not a Level Buff

If a Dino gains 150 health and 100 attack from a level up,double or triple this level up stats,so its worth the investment in hardwork and endless hunting .

So 16 overboosted Dinos will be difficult to beat 20 semiboosted hardearned Dinos
So 20 overboosted Dinos will be difficult to beat 24 semiboosted hardearned Dinos
So 25 overboosted Dinos will be difficult to beat 28 semiboosted hardearned Dinos

I’ve lost 800 trophies over the matter of a week or so but then you bounce back up. True - it is frustrating when you come across a super boosted team - a team in which you can tell they are spending real money on the game - but the boosts we get from the dbi and from the strike towers and even with cash from playing the game regularly (social media bonuses, green/orange boxes, alliance rewards) aren’t that bad really. They make it so you can have an under leveled Dino on your team.

But anyway - take heart - you’ll bounce back up to your other trophy count soon enough. It’s a yo yo for the most part.

For me is great

Love boosts! As the internet always says: Git Gud Scrub

You’re living in a lie.

I love boosts as they can make all dinosaurs viable in the arena, but there should be a limit. Uniques should be they one that can be boosted less, Commons the most it’s boring to have everyone using the same dinosaurs.

I agree boosts have ruined the forums :wink:

Someone posted that you should only be able to boost dinos once they get to level 30. I agree with this so much and wish this was how it was implemented

That sounds great, but low level players wouldn’t spend money on them, so Lydia gains nothing from them. Yeah, we know that won’t change.:moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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Unfortunately you are correct

What if you could fuse for boosts? Once a Dino is level 30 you could use X amount of dna towards a boost? That could combat the p2w

But do you think they care? They only care about money. Point. Our problems for them are gossip. Instead of spending money to be the first (and then? Do you think Ludia will give you my fool’s prize?) let’s all try together not to spend for a few days. You’ll see that all bugs will be fixed in no time. Unless they’re complete ignorant people who don’t know how to do it

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I agree with the boosts ruining the game, but I’m sick of hearing people with 155+ speed dinos complain about my DracoRat. Not being one of those people that are spending on boosts it’s my best counter to the speed factor. My team is all high 20s to 30, and although some are boosted, there is no way they can counter the ridiculous Speed Freaks I constantly run into.

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