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You already know this.. Brawl SUCKS!

Not that I have to explain why because it’s been said time and time again, the Brawl system sucks with:

  • Amount of evasions by opposing team; Lucky if I get 1 evasion, the other team gets 4 even 5! That’s 5 of my attacks null and void.

  • Skipped turns; I have 2 dragons half full, opposing has 1 with 5% health. I attack with stun/damage that should kill the 1 dragon - nope, it evades. It comes back at me with full bars multi-dragon attack and kills one of my dragons and leaves the other with 5-10%. Supposed to be my turn… NOPE. Skips me, it gets ANOTHER attack, and kills my other dragon… I LOSE! (Note: I was not stunned or chained from the previous attack).

  • The OP of most opponent’s dragons; One-hit wonders! Amazing how they can hit me for 500-700 health, and I hit them for 130 with same level dragons.

  • The 2X spot lands 80% for opponent’s dragon.

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Although I think it sucks, it’s in a completely different way. You’re just not understanding how this system works now.

  1. Yes and that’s how they sell the statue of heroic precision. Complain about the statue being hard to get is more reasonable.
  2. It’s because the speed of your enemy is faster. The fastest dragons are swift dragons, then cunning, then furious, and the slowest, protector. And there are dragons that can speed up allies or slow down enemies. If you understand this, you can easily have a team that easily get more chance to attack than your enemy.
  3. My guess is that you don’t use abilities but your enemies do, or you use abilities without knowing what happens. Read the description please.
  4. Well maybe you are always slower and you lose your dragons faster so you don’t get as much chance to attack than your enemy so even if it isn’t intentionally favor your enemy, it lands more often on enemy turns.
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The part that I dislike most about brawl system is leveling up system. I want diversed team so I can have more choices when playing gauntlet, but I don’t get to choose which token to get, so it’s really hard to level up some dragons, therefore I have to stop leveling up those I can level up.

As @Wodensfang said there is difference between dragons speed that allows them to evade and you can’t blame the system. I also play brawls to complete duties and there is YES as you said above @AJR214 there are evading more often then you do BUT it all goes to the difference between LVL.

With my dragons of LVL 14, 15, 16, I went straight to fight those who were at max LVL 20. When you fight your equals you can easily win depending on pure force but when you getting up to fight those whose lvl at least 3 lvl higher than yours to win with force is impossible. If you get right dragons you can win any battle, just need to know which abilities you need to use at what time.

P.S. BTW what dragons do you use to brawl?

I don’t think speed has anything to do with evasion.

Leveling is the most horribly broken aspect of brawl. They seriously didn’t think that through. Also, what’s with needing 40 tokens to upgrade a grade 7 dragon and only 20 to upgrade a grade 11?! Absurd.

I do have to agree with the OP however that some dragons are overpowered. There’s one in particular that hits for like 70% HP for only three APs, and the ones that give multiple buffs to the whole team (again, for only 3-4 APs) are similarly overpowered. I’ve had battles where I literally lose a dragon after only one of mine even gets to act. Good luck facing down a team of three that’s barely been scratched with only two dragons.

The one hit 70% for 3 ATs, is it exotic whispering death or skrill or something else?
The one that buffs the whole team, I guess you mean seedling rumblehorn?
I do kind of stand a chance against a team barely scratched with only two dragons left, if they have buff, and has more aps. One aoe attack with increased attack can make a great difference.

I have to agree that speed is poorly implemented. 1. It is inconsistent, and under the same conditions the order of turns can be different. 2. When at the boundary of earning one or two action points, and without reason, it can change your dragon from earning two to only earning one action point. 3. Changing the order of taking turns turns for almost ANY reason is just institutionalized cheating. Speed destroys a lot of the strategizing that would make brawls at least somewhat better — as in somewhat fun.

In my opinion brawl sucks, and the aspects of brawl that suck the most are the speed idea, the imbalanced leveling up of brawl dragons, and the no win situation that brawls inevitably put you in. If these things were fixed, then brawl could actually be a fun aspect of the game. Or it would at least graduate to not being the aspect of the game that is most frequently complained about…

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EWD sounds right.

Yup. A.k.a. one of only two dragons I don’t have, which seems doubly unfair. Those two definitely seem overpowered, especially for neither even being a champion. (Champion Windgnasher is also a little overpowered, but I can cut that one a little slack because it is a champion…)

Now that I’ve seen. They should fix that…

I think it would probably “help” a lot, actually, to reimplement the initiative spinners, but pause them when a turn comes up. I think this might stop some of the complaining about turns being unfair if players can see how the system works. The problem right now is that if you don’t already know how it works under the hood, it just seems capricious.

I really like to use the champion monsterous Nightmare in these Events. Because when you are about to kill the last Dragon of the first Wave, use 2 Action Points to boost your Dragon, but make sure you get/have 4 Action points at the begin of the next Wave. Now normally the boost of attack and Speed with this Champion Dragon locks his Special attack but with the next round your Special attack is unlocked while you keep the boosts. So you can nearly kill all dragons in one attack. Of course you need to get the Dragon First. But my Personal Feeling is, that you get more cards to level Up a specific Dragon the more you use that Dragon. For example, i use the Special bonenknapper, the champion monsterous Nightmare and the normal stormcutter and i often get some of their cards. They are at Level 16,14 and 17 and with that they are way Higher in Level than any Others of my brawl dragons. So i would say choose a Team of dragons that you Wang to use and stick with them. Of course my stormcutter still gets more cards than my Champion, but i get his cards repativ often compared to the Others Champions. In fact, If i get a Champion Card it is almost every time the monsterous Nightmare.
And i would spend the 90 Amber in the envasion stature. It makes things so much easier.

Sorry If there are any grammar or writing mistakes. I don’t speak Englisch +the autocorrect of my phone Sometimes does some “corrections” without ne noticing.

I actually have no issues with Brawl. It is rigged. So you have to rig it too to win. If you’re really after the trophies, you gotta fight dragons your level or below your level. The only way to do that is to lose intentionally. Just start a brawl. Force close when it’s loading and it counts as a loss. Losing lowers your opponent’s level. You can do this by win streaking five times, then lose streaking five times. It’ll save you time in the long run.

Don’t level dragons higher than your strongest dragon. Levels are scaled by your strongest dragon.

Don’t waste your money on the statue. It’s not worth it.

Also, get your hands on AOE users - Timberjack, Gronckle, Hideous Zippleback, Soaring Sidekick, Exotic Smothering, Defender Thundrerdrum etc. Things get hella easier when you get the Champions or any of the hard one-shotters - Fanghook and Exotic Whisper.

Most of my matches never get to Double AP and I win streak up to dragons 5 to 6 levels higher than mine (Level 11)

Good luck. Thank me later.

Thanks to the forums, and in part to Robocat3, I understand how the speed function works. I still dislike it. In most competitions, players take their turns. While I’m sure somewhere there are counter examples, often those turns only change as a penalty for cheating. So when the “system“ changes how turns are being taken, it is frequently going to be perceived as cheating. That is why I call the speed function what I perceive it be, which is institutionalized cheating.

It’s not that bad. The fastest dragons have such poor defense they hardly survive long enough to cut in. And their attack is also so poor they are having great problem killing a team of slowest dragons.

I have to highly disagree on one point here. Not getting the statue is dumb. This one thing turns brawl from sometimes high frustration into a cakewalk without needing to sacrifice points on loosing or doing these force closed shanenigans. Best 90 amber I invested so far was that statue as nothing can dodge anymore neither in brawl nor gauntlet.


Evasion goes up as the dragon levels up. Maybe it’s because I don’t level up my dragons now, I don’t find my opponents dodge quite often. I can still win easily in gauntlet, and if it gets any bit hard, I have about 40 sage fruits and energy bars. If I don’t play too much and end up with opponents with higher level, brawl is also quite easy. Maybe it’s quite necessary if your dragons are at higher level but I don’t find it being so helpful now. I would spend my ambers on dragon statues to get shellfire now.

I’ll try to be very fair about brawl. I’ve played rise of Berk for a few years now because I really enjoy the game. I enjoy most aspects of the game, but brawl is the aspect of the game that I enjoy the least. It’s not completely horrible, but It isn’t great and there are specific things that could be fixed that would make it actually enjoyable. That is what I hope the developers will focus on improving.


I run a two lvl 19 one lvl 15 comp and dodging got annoying at that point so yeah statue it was. Also getting to shellfire will prob take ma another half year or so anyways. I can be patient with that. Not getting rngsused out of brawl on the other hand I couldn’t stand any longer.

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I also think that you should get more rewards, because these big rune rewards are too far away


I can’t agree more with you. Brawl is useless, it’s only worth playing if you are into it, but since it’s crap and you get no other reward, it makes no sense to play it at all. Only those (almost) unachievable rune packs, and they show themselves to be quite unworthy of the huge work they require.

More enjoyable rewards that would help The Main Game would be a really nice addition so there would be some incentive to get into it, and not just the duties

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And yet gauntlets are fun.