You are taking wrong again on nerf too much monomimus

I was reviewing the list of legendaries and their stats and momomimus with this nerf on 900 of HP it will be the lowest dino in HP meaning (legendaries) and for that basically you kill this dino even if the mono “can” dodge. Yeah eventually momomimus need a nerf and all we know this but 900 it’s too much, 600 could be the number

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It also is tied for highest speed, tied for 4th highest damage, and is immune. Its called balance, look at its components, it should have NEVER had more than 3k HP and now its still closer to the 3,000 side from monolophosaurus than the 1800 from gallimimus. Higher damage than both components, averaged speed, and the best parts of both move sets.

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If only the developers had read this in time :man_facepalming:t2:

4th highest damage?
On a dino without 2x damage move, and no armor piercing or defense shattering ability, this estimate is incorrect.:thinking:
(Also no ferocity or high critical chance)


Who ever said hybrids have to have average stats of their components or even depend on them in any way at all?