You ask for our input ludia


Right, ludia constantly asks how to improve the game… so sit down and listen…

I’ve just been to my local park, normally has 21 green supply drops… during this weekend’s epics that has been reduced to 10…
Okay we only have 6 attempts so what’s the problem?

Of the 10 event drops, 8 were petranadon and 2 alanqa.

Also on the way to the park, another 9 event drops, ALL petranadon.

You ask for our opinions so here’s mine, stop trying to spoon feed us with what YOU want us to catch…
Make it 50/50 in parks atleast.

You’ve made the game better for players who never use to be able to go to parks… but made it worse for people who did use to go to the park… learn what balance is please ludia.



I have been in this situation before however I also finally realized that it truly is balanced. It spreads out through two days on the weekend. If you are looking for a certain one… Come back in a few hrs. They will change…trust me as I have done it for me and my children. Doesnt hurt to give it a try. Good luck. :smiley:


Why should I have to go back… I have a life outside of this game… if you set time aside to go to the park it should be 50/50 the ONE time you visit… not have to go back later


When I went hunting yesterday it was 90% Alan; now its 90% Pteranodon; a more even balance would be nice although not quite so critical now there are more drops around.


In my area it was more or less 50/50, with slightly more Alanqa than Pteranodon.


Is it RNG that determines which dino pops up at the drop? If so, it’s a 50/50 chance for which one you want at each drop, right? So, once again, just a matter of luck, I suppose. Sometimes I’m lucky, most times not so much. :tipping_hand_woman:


2 out of 19 drops I’ve seen today is unacceptable…


I noticed there were more pteranodon during the day and alanqa at night. Not sure if it’s intentionally like that.


Also, yes alanqa makes the hybrid, but they are trying to sell the pteranodon incubator. You’d think they’d make that one nearly impossible to get so if you wanted it you’d have to buy it.

also, @carlsberglewis you hate the pterosaurs, why are you even darting them? :thinking:


Seeing as were being spoon fed, I may as well participate.

But yes I hate them


Maybe it was only me, but I always thought the event drops at parks only ruined the normal park spawns. Since 1.4 though, some event drops have been removed from parks which is much better, as now I can go hunting dinos that only spawn at parks.


In my city, there are lots of event drops, and in areas that have 2, one has Alanqa and one has Pteranodon. It’s balanced here, at least.


Since 1.4, an entire park has been removed from my city. Weird, isn’t it?


for some reason i got a notification on my phone that says secodontosaurus is in parks today :thinking:
so it could be worse…

went for a walk this morning and there were a ton of alanqa.
was able to unlock all the pterosaurs without spending a penny, so i’m cool with the event :wink:


It used to have the drops appear very close to the kids’ play area. I appealed to Google and Ludia through the flagging system in JWA, but instead of spacing the drops further away from the nervous gaze of parents with small children, they erased the entire park!

I hate to think how nervous we might have been making those kids’ parents, a bunch of people standing danger close to their kids, with their phones out, doing god knows what…


I have them all except the hybrid.

As for the secondontosaurus, I think that’s a glitch.



The next impossible strike tower dino? Or the King of all Hybrids? Hmmm…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Must just be bad luck, these alanqas were just right out the house. I’ve been getting the ratio of 80% alanqas and 20% pteranodon in my area :man_shrugging:t3: