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You asked for them Warriors of Waterdeep delivers!

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Excellent news, @SweetShay23 get that potato cam ready I’m hoping you’ll join my guild along with your hubby :wink:

Ofc everyone else are welcome. Its been a while since I ran my own guild in the last few games that I played but I think I’m happy to lead one this time around :smile:

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Hey Jon!
what guild contents do you have?
guild quest? raid? or something? :laughing:

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In some games I like guilds in others not so much. It depends on what they have for guilds to do together. In a lot of phone games, since there is generally less content than console or pc, guilds seem like a waste of time. I hope there is some good guild content because I really love this game

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Thanks @HuKo Can’t Wait!!!Potato Cam… Check!!! Hundreds Of Photos… Check
The Looks On Sweetshay23 Face Priceless!!! :joy::wink::smile:

Now The Fun Question?
Am I Gonna Be Able To Find Them?
Will There Be A Link To Get To Them?
And Your Definitely Leading The Pact…
HuKo :+1: I’ll Be Rite Behind You…
Of Course Not Too Close Tho, You Might Have Your Bird Man With Ya, You Know
The One That Kills You With A Look!!!
Sir. HuKo Such A Kind Beast!!! :heart_eyes::wink::smile:

It’s gonna be like anything else. Tons of guilds with not enough players to join them and 4 top guilds nobody can catch up with cause they pay to play

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Probably but we’ll have to see what the requirements to make a guild, if they have a price to create a guild like 10k Gems, then we won’t see many guilds… but lets see…everything is speculation atm

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I’ve always fancied myself a grand vizier type. You know, the helpful altruistic advisor who tries to help a leader with tough decisions, and most certainly not for my own benefit or ulterior motive.

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That’s Why Your Up There With The Number One’s :wink:
Hope Life Is Treating You Well @retsamerol (Retsamerol):grin:

So, which of those banners do you want for your guild? I wanna strike fear into the hearts of my enemies with that green banner which looks to show a gleaming soft boilded egg cup, terrifying.


:thinking: That could be a reference to the Siamorphe - their holy symbol usually has the Sun etched into the chalice itself, however, and not appearing as if it is being held in the chalice…

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More Banners!


This is BEYOND excellent news! I even already know which banner shall be ours :)))) Glad our interactions have been taken to heart!

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I wanted a custom logo but I see you have something very close to what I had in mind: :rofl:
My Guild name will be (A little hint): S_ _ _ _ _ R


I guess no update today…

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Boo… Ludia? :face_with_monocle::crazy_face::rofl::sweat_smile::laughing: Hook Us Up,
Ludia,… Ludia…Ludia… Ludia!! LOL
Throw A Dog A Freaking Bone Won’t Ya🤣

Update on Wednesday!