You better are planning a hybrid for koolasuchus soon

About a week ago, i opened my first ever epic scent. What popped up? A rajasaurus,a brachiosaurus and 2 koolasuchus. In my area at least there are more koolasuchus spawns than the rest of the epics combined+doubled. And i opened my second epic scent today. All what i got was 3 koolasuchuses. Then the strike events both gave me koolasuchus. This is why i cant have nice things. Other people get baryonix or sinoceratops or ankylosaurus or trex for gods sake and i am getting koolasuchus. Any plans for a hybrid for 1.6? If not, please make sure there is one until the next patch. Similar deal with wuerhosaurus and rares sooo… wuerhoolasuchus maybe?