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You broke your own game


I would like to know why they removed the bleed from my dinos and why instant invisible still allows my dinos to be knocked out when it was never like this before?


If you are referring to indominus cloak it was always a 50 % chance it will hold! Even invinciblity can be defeated it works both ways! I was angry that my dinosaurs invincibility moves were defeated but learned from here it is a shield nothing more!

It actually works to your advantage if you are lucky enough to have a shield destroy move!

They made it so no dinosaurs have a move that is 100% undefeatable!

I learned it can work both ways!

People here say the stegoceratops is undefeatable(probably not a word) when used first because of its slowing and triple stun moves!

Many times it wins me a game and many times it loses a game because my stun failed and my opponent stun works!

Luck of the draw!


Stegoceratops has a very good counter. It has come with one of the new hybrids. Mine is only lvl 12 and it jas defeated multiple ones of much higher lvl


Of course! Simple physics since stun is not an absolute move! That must have been you that took out my stego :joy::joy:

The joy of stunning and the agony of not!


And can u tell us what’s your hybrid?


Yes, the ankylocodon. I really love this hybrid. Its only lvl 12 but its holding its ground against much higher lvls!
He can’t be slowed, he cant be stunned! He has armor and shield. 20% crit hits often. So even though his dmg output my take a bit of patience, his armor piercing strike/impact with 20% crit and decelerating impact can take down the stegaceratops down without getting stunlocked at all.


No all the main thing that really chapped my hide was the taking away of the bleed that effect was a neat thing to have if you set up you attacks right you where almost a winner on your match every time. There were always counters to it like swap out your dino or strike and run,immunity. But never mind I’m making due whit was I have been given now. Hope to see you all on the battle field one day until then have fun enjoy your gaming.


Ability description are more reliable than It’s name.