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You can actually beat the Dodo with a full team of level 11 and under creatures!

Okay so yes, quite a bit of RNG, Dodo needs to do these moves in this order:
Fate Sealer
Impact or Dodovastastion Peck
Dodovastsation Peck or Impact
Fate Sealer
It should be dead by the 5th turn.
If you’re a low level with plenty of time on your hands, I totally recommend using this strategy if you want to beat the All - Powerful Dodo!!!Level 11 & Below Team Beats Dodo!!! Low Level Strat! All - Powerful Dodo! (Jurassic World Alive 2.6) - YouTube


Very cool :smiley::+1:

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А я уже уничтожил


Translated From Russian

And I have already destroyed

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Well, I tried it and it didn’t work, since the dodo went for attacks every single turn. Still, this dice-rolling, 100% RNG method was still the best shot at defeating this utterly terribly designed, garbage boss. The suggested creature level of 11-15 is a cruel joke, I figure I’d need at least level 20s to beat this walking gimmick.
EDIT: Let me rephrase, I’d need level 20s to beat the level 16 dodo without having to rely entirely on RNG.

First Round AI will choose best move for the most efficient attack,
Second Round AI will use moves but little different,
Third Round and so on, move goes random

Just my thinking, you can watch some/more/every video like Hail Lord Lythronax and GOAT (which is easier to observe,) everyone got same move set from AI at First Round.

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