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You can avoid fighting bots: Here is how


I keep seeing high level people in here complaining about facing overleveled bots in arena 7 all the time. I have just made it to arena 7 myself less than a day ago, so it’s not like I have a lot of experience, but so far I’ve only faced real people and had very interesting, thrilling and fun matches. I’m using a trick I read somewhere in Metahub and I wanted to share it here for people who don’t know it yet:

When you hit COMBAT, the game looks for a real human opponent for about 15 seconds, after which it gives up and matches you against a bot to avoid making you wait. So, if searching for opponent takes more than 10 seconds, just cancel the fight and try again in a minute or so.

I guess this can be a problem at higher ratings because there aren’t many players with enough trophies to match you against, so maybe you will have to wait a long time until you get an actual opponent, I don’t know. But it should be useful, at least for 3000-3300 trophies. Hope this helps!

Bots in gameplay battles?

This is very helpful. I had no idea that bots were so common; I can definitely tell the difference (now that I know they exist) because they’re too perfect, almost like they were made specifically to counter my strengths and blow my weaknesses way out of proportion. Luck seems to always favor them and screw me.

Perhaps the bots need to be adjusted. Not to make them pushovers or anything, but they seem way too hard now.


So this changed with patch 1.3. Now the timing is much longer. About a minute and thirty seconds or more. It’s far less of a problem than it was previously. I would not recommend doing what we were doing prior and cancelling matches after 15 seconds. I’d wait at least a minute or so to get matched up.


Yeah it can be 3-4 minutes before a bot will appear these days. I rarely see them except late at night when there’s only like 5 people doing battles around my rank. I kinda like fighting bots because they use such an odd selection of dinos that I never see being used.