You can’t be serious


Just found a T. rex that vanished out of existence as soon as I got in range. Why do the dinosaurs cycle when they are on your map? Or is this a glitch? Otherwise it’s just horrible game design.


They’re on a timer. You just happen to be unluckily on the tail-end of that one’s.

Had it happen to me many times, now. If I had been able to catch all the Gorgosauruses I’ve seen before they popped, mine would be level 18 by now.


Then it’s just bad game design then.


Not gonna argue that. :wink:


I upped my epic Rex DNA last night by begging the dino to not run away, and for it to let me get within drone range. Lucky for me, it hung around. I am now 1 DNA away from epic Rex now.

Sometimes you just got to talk to them…



Dinos are on a timer for a reason. Unless it’s a DoD, none if them are gonna stick around forever.