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You can teach an old dog new tricks (Friendly Challenges)

I’ve played Friendly Challenge battles with different “rules” in place, many times. This morning, I was shown the rules during the game play.

My friendly opponent used the first strike only selection for the entire match.

It took me a few exchanges to realize what was going on. Afterwards, I was very intrigued! I challeneged another match. I had more rules to figure out, apparently. Swap-in creatures were not swapped-in. Maybe, the selected creatures were in an order from left to right only?

I must say, I had a very good time! It was scary, funny, disappointing, exciting, etcetera… A rollercoaster of fun!

What other “rules and regulations” does our community play with during Friendly Challenges?

Don’t use Indo g2 for that one. :joy::joy:
Also suggestions:
Backwards order
Randomized team (I have a randomizer that I worked for 3 hours typing all the dinos into)
Alphabetical team throughout letters
Only swap in attacks
Only priority move dinos
Rarity restricted
Only use strike impact or rampage

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Now, why didn’t I think of “alphabetical order” yet? That’s a good one! Alot of T’s though :sweat_smile:
Those are some good sugggestions for keeping the fun alive!