You can thank me later


What I would like to see… is a record for my dinos after battle… how many enemies has this particular dino of mine taken out or vice versa… how many wins were because of this dino etc. Give me an idea of who I should keep and who I should bench and put in a different one


Although that would be a fun stat to have, it’s not accurate.

The wins are based on the strategy you have as well as the level of the dinosaur. Then you need to calculate in the rng of the battle and what level the opponents dinosaur was at as well as if their dinosaur was currently injured, buffed, etc.

There’s too many variables to be able to know if just a straight up win/loss ratio for a specific dinosaur is accurate information to rate the dinosaur on your team.


Thinking more in terms of I just need something else to look at… can only hop between screens waiting for incs to get done… or maybe just even some stats about the dino other than the usual… maybe battle tips… I dont care I just need more to look at lol


My best ones are a little less than 50%. I use them first, almost always win, but then lose against my opponents second Dino. So it’s 50/50 most times but lose a few the first round.