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You control my game all week next week

All of next week you guys get to control my game and what I do next week.

Do you think it’s a good idea

  • Yes
  • No

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Rules: No rules except can’t effect my real life bucks


Let’s rule this forum user in the kindest way possible. If you are doing JWTG too, then I have a plan.

I do play JWTG but not much


Ok then. I will share a plan if this wins, and it will be better if we have tournament next week. (Maybe there will be for Dilophoboa and Spinoconstrictor next week? There are teasers about it coming.)

upgrade majungasaurus to 30 and max damage and 10 health boost


It starts May 3rd

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Also options will be in polls for only about 30-60 minutes

Level up diplodocus and boosted it in attack some in speed and hp

Guys it hasn’t started

This is going to be interesting. Promise not to be toooooooo tooooooo mean :grin::wink:

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I bet stgyi is feeling like he/she’s about to be bullied.

I mean I’m definitely not gonna ruin your entire career, Right?..

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Hope not and yes I’m a he

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Yeah I’m totally not gonna make you buy 30,000 majungasaurus.

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Hmmm very suspicious :thinking:

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Well if it’s not gonna affect your bucks we don’t have many Actions we can do! We can’t even max something out if it ain’t gonna affect your bucks.

Ah didn’t think about that.
Ok you can effect my bucks

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Ok than! No rules except we can’t affect Your ACTUAL money.

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Yes that is the only rule

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I think you should edit it.

Here is an example of the controlling is like

  • Ex 1
  • Ex 2

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Don’t vote just an example.

2-5 options each poll