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You ever lose a pvp game due to the game freezing or connection issues and get demoted?

It really really freaking sucks.

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Yes, several times.
The most annoying, for me, is when you miss 1 turn from lag / mobile dropout and then the client never catches up. you constantly miss turn after turn because of the reduced turn timer from missing the 1st turn (goes from 10s down to 5s). you can spam tapping on a target all day long but the client just keeps skipping your turn and never gives you a chance to resume. The only way I’ve found to get it to ‘resync’ is to force close the app and relaunch it. by the time you load the came and continue the match and reload the match you’ve lost 5 - 10 turns and are unlikely to recover anyway, unless you got lucky and were matched against someone with lower level characters / gear.
i’ve managed to make a comeback once or twice in this situation against bots, never against a real player. Bots seem to take almost their till time to take a turn, which usually is annoying but in this situation is a blessing.