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You finally topped all

You fonally got that nonsens in a higher lvl.
Making an event Give me one cube 200 m away. So thats not really interesting. The other is 90 m away but i cant click on that dino cause carno is running around and every time i am trying to click the dino system goes to carno. If you do it like that you can end all events…Screenshot_20210427-124808

Hey Thedinoiswithme, thank you for your feedback! Our team is looking into the hit box radius for the Raid bosses as well.


And by the pvp is getting worse and worse.
Examples: playing with lvl 18-21 getting about 50-60% when i am lucky opponents with lvl 23-25. I had days and they are not rare actually most of them where i need 15-20 pvp for 3 incubators. This is no matching this is non sens. Also i had this week i think 10 where my opponents could attack first. The thing is opponents did normal attacks and i did Initiative. Since iniative is coming first or should come first there is a major failure in your programming. Just had it now. My thor iniative opponents paramolch normal cleaning attack and para striked first…

I can add also that when you farm much dinos some dinos begin after some time to change their moves. For example draco moves his head at the Moment you shoot seems system want to make it extra difficult to shoot him. Also i had to see that when i farm moschops this week he begins to move before i have done my first shot…

A example for your perfect matching system in pvp …Screenshot_20210501-163033 Screenshot_20210501-162920

And the next one :joy:Screenshot_20210501-165954 Screenshot_20210501-165842