You gonna delete this review too?


This game has a bad cheating problem and instead of fixing it they just cut me off completely with no way of contacting them after I tried to bring it to there attention. On top of that items in this game are ridiculously over priced for the little they offer. My advice is to stay away from the game until they have their cheating problem sorted and stop charging their players so much for stuff that is just not worth your money.
All they want is your money. My partner can’t even review or rate anything on here or their online forum. They want to save themselves from bad reviews, why not just make a better game. The better reviews are most likely from the creators themselves. Updates every week? No one wants to update their game every week let alone every few days.
This game is honestly the biggest joke, and if you want to get screwed and robbed of your money download the game. If you don’t mind the creators taking away your technical support after asking for help then download the game.
The creators are most likely hacking this entire game so they are the highest level players anyway so there’s no way you can compete. Level 26 special event Dino’s within the first few hours of the release? I don’t think so, no one can have that (except the creators or hackers)


Do u not realize next Monday is the ban wave ? Lol they probably deleted it out of ur ignorance of not realizing that it is already dealt with lol


So hiding peoples reviews on the game and filtering app reviews have been dealt with?
For one it’s against policy to filter the reviews on the AppStore which they’ve already been stung for. They’ve also already been stung for scamming people of their money (taking more then what was purchased) and never re embersed. Apple is already investigating due to the large number of complaints.
The whole game is a scam which has also been stated my multiple people who have been wrauted of their money.
They’ve hidden and deleted reviews on this forum, Facebook and on the AppStore for their own benefit.
My partner asked for help through the technical support and was flagged so his reviews are monitored.

This whole app is now under investigation due to how dodgy they are. Lol.


I couldn’t agree more with this post especially when people have high lvl Dino’s with In a hour or so if there released


So is ur complaint about cheating or ludia hiding and filtering certain public responses? Because u initially were talking about cheating. Which is dealt with. Now u switched ur focus to something way different than cheating… seems like u just trying to find something to complain about