You guys have to read this

So I jus read this article by @origamirobot and it just shows how broken our battle system is at right now and it just kinda cool and sad it also shows how JWTG is better lol

Shout out to the game press team you guys are amazing


At this point in this games development cycle… might as well throw in the towel for wanting a balanced game.

Ludia hasnt shown any intrest in a diverse meta… and if the posts on here are any indication nor does most of the playerbase. Most are content to chase the high tyrants…so they can fight mirror matches with 5-6 dinos on each team being identical.


Though I don’t fully agree, it is indeed a good text and worth reading. And it’s especially correct about the boosts. Not only boosts ruin balance by allowing the creation of OP freaks, but also by making most teams unchangeable, because once you have your superboosted creatures established, it doesn’t make sense to change members. At least not for a long, long time… Unless you’re already in the endgame and just wanna swim with smaller fish for a while.


Honestly i think the reason they dont do something about boosts in terms of balance is because the status quo actually plays into sales.
See if you are facing OP damage dinosaurs, you have to boost to get more health…or boost to get more speed, its like a self fullfilling PROFITcy!


Many people have said it, and I agree 100%, that the worst thing they did was to create speed boosts. It is, by far, where the greatest imbalance comes from.

“Do you want your Thor to be faster than a velociraptor?!”

Hmm, why do you ask LootzYa? Because that makes absolutely no sense. Oh, I see… You’re selling a way to make that happen. Now I understand your motivation.


And armor and crit boosts will be just as devastating to the game as speed boosts continue to be.


Yes @MHSzymczyk, and we all know those are coming. When a company puts profit above quality it is ‘end of days’ for a game.

They manage to come out with all of this, and somehow neglect bugs that have existed for over a year in the game.


Imagine a Yoshi or IncomeRaptor with armour and boosted crit chance xD, even Lydia would consider it Ludiculous!


Something they can still do is to make a non boosted arena. The same as the current arena but boosts aren’t allowed and the prizes you win aren’t as great as the prizes you win in the normal arena (with boosts). Let’s say in the non boosted arena you win normal incubators and the incubators in the boosted arena give out double the stuff a normal 15m, 3h, 8h, 12h, 24h incubator will. And more money if you win a battle.


This is very close to how I feel about the game. At this point it’s a mad race to collect the S-class tyrants as fast as possible and boost them the most. But it’s okay. The meta shifts, the game can still be fixed. It’s happened in other games I’ve played. I also agree that Erlidom, Yoshi, and Magna are pretty balanced lol
Eta I don’t really have a problem with the arena being “unbalanced” but it could be improved in some ways

Ah, the good old Rayquaza “tears” pun.


I have a thing to say to the gamepress team. Can you pick some more distinct colors on the chart? There are five shades of blue.


Could be worse, could have went with grey…50 shades of those :wink:


Lol hmmm this is interesting

Hey @Qaw lol where you think they got that from :rofl:


Lol truth sometimes hurts


Now we know who is to blame for the failed poll

It was never ludia who was pulling the string; the real enemy behind balance was and still is…us


That sad honestly

You are right we are the ones controlling things, and knowing this I hereby as unopposed Prophet of JWA prophecy, I hereby decree all stat boosts are irrevocably removed from the game, and all sales refunded in real paid currency.

I also deem that…

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