You guys need to reduce the triggers that temporarily hide a post


This is getting out of hand. My very first post in this forum was to reply in a topic that asked for help building a low level team, and it was automatically hidden. The post was completely harmless, just a few helpful advices and opinions, no insults or nasty language whatsoever, but it was hidden. So I reposted it saying more or less the same, this time watching my language to make sure it was harmless, yet it was hidden again. I thought okay, maybe because I’m a new member I have to earn some kind of confidence and my first posts will be reviewed. But it has continued nonstop. More than half of my post get automatically hidden for no apparent reason. If they are replies to a conversation and it takes hours for them to finally appear, they will be published when they are no longer relevant which is the most frustrating part. I reached a point when every time I hit publish, I’m in tension to see whether it will actually be published or instead hidden. Come on guys! This is ridiculous. It must be taking loads and loads of time for the staff to review all the hidden content we generate, and it’s frustrating for us. Most of it is completely harmless!! I don’t understand what kind of triggers are causing this but they are certainly way too many. Please fix it.


Yea they get annoying !! I’ve wrote a couple times about this topic. Darn filters!