You guys notice some dinos got buffed getting defensive shattering strike?


Is it just me who finds it’s so weird that T-Rex little sister still unable to crush down shield, when anyone with jaws easily outperforms her?


Gorgosuchus Got it, i Think IndoRaptor Got it too? Can anyone confirm with a indo raptor?


There were some threads discussing these balance update yesterday.

No, I-raptor still keep a bypass-armor-strike.
And in T-rex group, Tarbosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Allosaurus all got defense-shattering-strike, but T-rex Gen2 didn’t.
Also Demitrodon group, and 2 hybrids (Gorgosuchus & Postimetrodon) got defense-shattering-strike.


What are you on about? Indo does have defense shattering attack… :grin:


I think allosaurus has come to outclass the T-Rex gen2 by far. It don’t make sense when an interior rarity overwhelm its higher-up. Ludia certainly overlooked this part.


New ability defence shattering strike was added some days ago, not the rampage we are speaking of…


It bugs me that they buffed Allo but didn’t buff Allosina… :frowning:


All you need to do is stay patient. We just went from raptor maniac to tank maniac. Looking forward to seeing what’s next…


did it always have defense shattering rampage?


indoraptor has always had defense shattering rampage.

what they need to do is take away it’s evasive strike and give it back cloak… need to be able to one-shot everything in the game again please. thanks.


They only changed some moves to make them stronger for 7-turn-Strike.

Would make sense that exactly these dinosaurs got changed a bit before Event started.


Indoraptor doesnt need to get stronger, its moves already rock