"You have been inactive too long" Thawfest

I just began a battle, and then IMMEDIATELY after making my first move on the rune board I got the “you have been inactive too long” error. This caused me to lose my streak and lose trophies. I was connected to Wi-Fi with full connection and was actively playing the game.

Why does this continue to happen? I’ve had this error happen to me several times already + contacted support in-game. I’ve been compensated with medals but that doesn’t make up for the frustration - when you repeatedly lose streaks due to Thawfest bugs.

Also another bug that happens to me every few days is that I will easily win a thawfest battle, very quickly, AND get the “Victory!” screen, AND get +trophies animation after. But then I check my actual battle history and it shows “battle lost with (username) 2746282 days ago” -0 trophies, then a second entry “battle lost with (username) 0 mins ago” and -(~60-120) trophies.

Why does this happen when we have perfect connection? Why does it ONLY seem to happen when I’m on a streak? Frustrating, suspicious, etc. Please fix this bug