You have only one chance to got Indoraptor DNA in event


Hope you guys got good luck…
But it’s obviously impossible to create Indoraptor by event shooting.:roll_eyes:

1 shot at Indom only 😭

36 dna even with 2 perfect hits it never flinched and booked right for the exit.


Sigh. There goes all slight hopes of getting her. Oh well, we all knew it’d be impossible. Good hunting!


soon in the store “indoraptor incubators 70$ each. get yours today!”


%^##^^#}}{£ arghhhh


Forgot 70$ they money :pig: they want 100$ for that!!


$100 mínimum, yes. Sighhhh


no idea why they made it one even at 3 there was no chance at the 250 needed.


I mean… Better than nothing I guess


Disagree. At least with another epic we would have the chance to get a shiny new epic or level up the one we have. This is gonna be useless for most players for a long time until they actually get the chance to start making their indo. Most of us won’t even be playing anymore by then.


True it’s probably rather insignificant… I’ll take it still though lol


Not to mention I actually bought the show case cause i wanted blue bad enough and it didnt even give me a little of the DNA for this thing. I sent a very specially worded note to them, it got immediately flagged.

Edit: I didnt just buy the show case how ever, I had enough cash to buy it 3 TIMES and I got nothing. 50 bucks for false advertising


I think it’s for the best… imagine if it is 3 attempts suddenly we are going to see lots of lvl21 indoraptors in the arena!!! You want to face that speedy demon with cloak?


same maxed out incubators and didn’t see one single bit. hopefully you can get more blue tomorrow because she is an epic not unique.


Thank you for the encouragement. I kinda need that right now.


it takes 250 dna to make one. Meh hits make ~2 dna, close hits make ~5 dna and perfect makes ~10 dna, all the numbers were less than an epic attempt and it runs right for the wall faster than anything i have seen.

no one other than a master at the dart gun would even get close to 150-200 at 3 attempts.


It’s very disappointing. Like others, I really wanted this dino 'cause of its fame. It’s a really cool dino, it’s in the movie so it’s quite iconic. I got all three incubators, nothing. I sat and waited for the event to start today even though I really doubted I’d be able to catch it with three attempts. Soo… One attempt? Thanks, I guess…


Frontier released the Indoraptor FOR FREE with yesterday`s update! Take an example on that Ludia!


Number of DNA you could get from every dart just decreased according to dino’s rarity.
(e.x. Rare fewer than Common, so as Epic fewer than Rare)
So it really make sense that Unique will give you 2 fold fewer than Epic.

But got only one chance at the same time…
Ok, they really don’t want to give us Indoraptor.:joy:


I can understand why they want it limited, but dang one attempt just feels like an insult and im one of those dirty premium players with more battery time. free to play people must be foaming at the mouth.