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You have to do something with the Apexes, especially Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus

I suppose, but how it does in low library at 26 probably doesn’t give that much insight for shores. I unlocked morty just in time for the last shuffle and it was more or less useless at that level, even fully boosted. Fast forward a few months and it’s a powerhouse. So true feel for it probably won’t come until November/December.

I do find it interesting that they’ve thrown three cunning apexes in a row at us. It’s like Ludia recognizes that cunning are underutilized, but just thinks new/marginally stronger cunning are somehow the answer, when it’s the fundamental class mechanics that make them weak. Literally running 0 cunning now after the shuffle (meaning speeder types, not counting MRhino, DCPro, even though they have cunning moves), and not really missing them at all.

I was planning to put trebax in my 8th spot at 28 (currently whino), but going to do skoona instead now to have another option to deal with flocks.


I replaced my Erliko with Skoona. Cunning I feel ironically is coming up but not via the Apex route but the flock route.

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Just beat the same Apexes the op claimed needing nerfing np with uniques my same ones and legendary no need to complain just get em and soup up more.


Won np with this team. All maxxed boosted though been to shores twice first time with an Anylocodon maxxed boosted.


My indom a legendary still kills the Apexes the op wants nerffed with no issue. Max boost what ya have your good.


No, if you havent good dinos, sorry

Wow, what a story. You’ve been to shores twice and all you needed was a max boosted team of level 30s with the 2 strongest Apexs max boosted at 28… thats amazing. Tell us all again how those Apexs are unnecessary or weak so you’re going to remove them from your team but still climb.

The point people are trying to make that several other people are trying to disassemble unsuccessfully is you shouldn’t be forced to a narrow pool of dinos to progress so if you’re using 2 or 3 of those dinos you have no leg to stand on and most likely you’re aware they’re a crutch for you.


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Actually both tomes i made nublar shores i had neither on my team, its been like 6 momths since i been to the shores been stick between lockwood wnd gyro since. Its been real tough. Yes i i neat apexes without on on my team, its hard but can be done so yes i have 2 legs to stand on.

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No nerfing needs to be done with Apex creatures. They are top of the food chain and deserve to be strong


So what you’re saying is that the only opinion that matters is yours and the people that agree with you, got it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there has always been a narrow pool of dinos needed to progress, it’s called whatever is meta at any given time. Apex just cannonballed into the pool and apparently got you all wet since you seem so bitter about it.

Now we have flocks and, with the next update, more new dinos with possible meta changing moves. The “narrow pool” ebbs and flows as the game changes, as it should. Unless of course you want no new dinos ever so everything can stay the same. Sounds boring to me.


I feel that if Ludia is trying to create hype for Scorpios Rex, all 3 will be monsters and so likely be arena viable. Being quite confusing likely they will be Apex killers with all the insane moves.

Need to get my hands on them to know though.

Exciting times.


I agree, they should be strong and decently balanced, but not op and broken like some apexes currently are


If the opinion is “the game is unhealthy, the number of players drops daily and the main reason for that is how few end game options we have and how stale the arena is… and I’m good with that” yeah… I’ll step out on that limb and say that’s a poor opinion.

Having always new creatures is always ok, same as strong creatures but.

Apex existing as A THING is not okay, yes they are suppose to be more strong because the rarity.

The thing is that it SHOULDNT EXIST, because breaks the damn game, and everytime going worst.
Now we will have 7 Apex and probably 8 in a near future.
A full Apex team, creatures that “they have to be stronger” so whatss the meaning of the others 200 creatures.

N O T F U N.

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Even with 8 Apexes, only 3 are worth using. The next 2 are pretty much Ludia’s way of trolling the playerbase over the blind worship of Apexes.

Assuming nothing changes, most teams will be 3 Apexes (MHC), Tryko, flock creature(s), swapper(s) and Scorpios (1 to 2) plus a few personal choices like Skoona, Grypho, Tenonto, Acrocan and Thora.

Swappers include Rhino (W and M), Draco (Rat and Grinch), Antarc, Thyla and Megisto(legend).

Quite a number of options. Assuming you wanna play within the meta and dun have really insane team builds with SpinoCon or Poukan.

Haast looks decent. Hydraboa seems like a Snake on enhancers.

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Yeah thats why hydraboa is going to be the only apex i will try to have, because seems balanced and fun.

3 apexs
Swapper(s)-most “meta” teams are running 2
Dino of your choice

3+1+2+1=7 plus your “your choice” dino. Since in this scenario the player is full meta there are only a few potential choices for that 1 dino so by your own math everyone is running the same 7 of 8 dinos and you call that healthy diversity?


Its literally not healthy for the game :upside_down_face:

You dun have to follow. Nothing healthy about this game. I build based on my style and what works for me.

Players will gravitate to what works and what people tell them works. I doubt many actually are going to experiment with their teams so diversity is a pipe dream.

You dun have to have swappers. You dun have to use flocks. But most do because that is what others are doing. Boosts have been placed so even if Apexes were nerfed, same problems only now more people are unhappy and so less players are going to play. So no diversity again.

Fun to me is about winning. Not having a variety of opponents which effective makes the game an RNG wheel rather than any skill. Draw the wrong creature you lose. No skill needed. I draw my Skoona and you draw 4.cunnings, you lose. I draw Mortem, Thora, Draco and Monolorhino against Gorgotrebax, I lose. That doesn’t mean Skoona or Gorgo are OP. Just wrong hand.

There are at least 10 viable creatures but of course you are fixated on the 3 Apexes.

Skoona, Antarctovenator, Tryko, Dio, Grypholyth, Acrocan, Thora, ErlikoS, Monolorhino, Woolly Rhino, CompoC, Dodocevia, Scorpios Rex, DracoRat, DracoGrinch, Tenonto, Gemini, Ardent and a few oddballs if you can build your team around it.

Add in the 3 Apexes even Gorgo if you want. That is easily a huge variety. Plus no guarantee you will draw all 3 Apex or even when you draw them you will win. So from a winning point of view, Apexes dun change the chance of winning or the variety of wins.

Just because others have already committed to Apexes doesn’t mean they should be punished for it. That is just childish.