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“You just need to know how to use it”

How many times have you read the words “you just have to know how to use it”? Isn’t this just the most arrogant and condescending thing ever? Sure there are a few nice combos, tactics and match ups that you can control. I know everyone like to consider them selves above average intelligence but this is not rocket science. I feel there would be very few ways to effectively use dinos that people with said Dino don’t know (or won’t afyer using it for a week or two).
Making comments like this really make you look like a “silly person” (I wanted to keep it PG so it wouldn’t get flagged).


There is a strategy to using certain dinos… not necessarily the way you use a specific dino… but more when you use it…

Call me silly (PG version) if you want… knowing how to use, does not always pertain to the moveset…

I also don’t make that comment much if ever… I really can’t remember if I was ever condescending or not… I try not to… but there are times that it is almost necessary…

That’s my 2 cents worth on this topic…

I can see why people would take offense to it definitely, but I admit when I first try out a new Dino I’m definitely not great with it. It’s kinda trial and error. And sometimes I can tell when someone doesn’t really know what they’re doing with a Dino either, and just assume it’s because they just got it as well.
I guess I see it from both sides, idk haha. But yeah I do think some people say it to purposely be condescending. Hard to tell over the internet what their tone is, though.


I was thinking about this earlier, they need a practice arena, sort of like friendly battle, but where you can choose from any dinosaur in the game so you can get used to playing with it, even if you have not unlocked it yet.


I kinda use the strike event battles as practice for me, but using a Dino you haven’t unlocked yet would be cool! Maybe even training tips, for new players. And you can have the option to turn them on or off.

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I would like this idea a lot.


I see your pg… And raise you g rated.

And totally disagree with your made point.

Sorry this game can be played 2 ways. You can play it tactical… There are Dino’s that don’t rely on random to do thier thing.


You could roll with the random and assemble your random rarest Dino’s and go for it.

its not condescending to say you have more experience then others.


Well judging by the surprise 25 paramoloch and 26 irritator g2 combo I saw, where both of us pulled some amazing plays, I would say knowing how to use a dino does help.


Sometimes there is strategy, but not nearly enough. This game is like 70% rng, and 95% of that rng works against me… so i honestly wish i could win by just “knowing how to use it”


Try battling someone from that Taino alliance if you want to witness what it’s like to battle someone who doesn’t know how to use their dinos. I couldn’t even say how many times one of them has used instant distraction against my Posti. Too many times to keep track of.


This ^. Cannot count how many times someone from taintosaurus used instant distraction on tryo.


Well they’ve never played with the dinos before they were level 30, so how would they know…


This game has many things clearly understandable. One of them are dino attacks. Each dino has its best combinations. 90% people stick to those combos. That’s, cause usually that are best plays. Sometimes one small change can make a big difference. Like I had today.

Opening was mine Tryo against Utarinex. Utarinex run, but Tryo was alive. Opponent brought Dracocera. I chose Gorgo and FS. Oneshoted Dracocera with crit. Utarinex came back (little over 1800 hp left). I could use DSR, but would be just short cause of Distracting Impact. I pick cleansing impact and oneshot (over 2500 damage) Utarinex without crit. Thor comes in and I knew I won, cause its hp was less than 3300. My Gorgo hits 3358 damage after FS with DSR. Gorgo even critted.

Like it or not, but sometimes title you wrote has a meaning. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference between win and loss.

they need to reprogram their bots if they are using ID incorrectly lol

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This is kind of a good example of what I’m saying. Yes your move set was great, well done but to assume that most others playing this game wouldn’t have done the same is condescending. Maybe that’s not the best word for this situation but you get the idea.

I consider that to be gorgo 101 not some kind of advanced gameplay thats something you should learn when your gorgos lvl 12 and your still facing velociraptor…

I saw in a thread the other day started by legomin… someone actually replied gotta know how to use it to him… guys one of 3 people? That have actually won a tournament. And you think your experiencenat 3k or 4k trophies is relevant to him… you dont even face the same kind of dinos as he does.

Or someone at 4400 trophies talking about grypolyth being a good dino just gotta know how to use it? Oh really is that why there was 0 of them in the top 100 and the winner of the last two tournament says its the worse unique in the game…your still not even fighting real teams at 4400 yet you think you know more then someone fighting teams of lvl 30s with teams of lvl 30s.

What works at 3k trophies isnt even relevant at 4k trophies and what works at 4k isnt relevant at 4700. Without knowing the trophy range the person your tring to tell gotta know how to use… you might as well be playing a different game… because their is a different meta for quite a few trophy ranges

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Great comment, although the smartest player in the world may not be too 500 in trophies :trophy: if they don’t hunt much or spend money. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself smarter than someone else just because I had more trophies but it is an indication yeah.

You answered your own questions. You can’t compare different trophy ranges. Readed thread about Miragaia. Even though it is easy to take out with right dinos, at some point can be problematic matchup.

Saying that somebody at 4400 trophies can’t have same experience in battle as those higher ranked. In range 4300 - 4600 I’m daily facing lvl 25+ dinos and also almost all possible uniques. Erlidominus is rare and didn’t met Grypho yet.

Different trophy ranges require different plays, different styles of playing. What might be meta dino at some trophy point at other don’t exist. Sorry but top players also have no clue how it is at 1500 trophy range. Meta changed a lot since many of us were there.

Still stick at opinion that you need to know how to use certain dino in certain situations. You need to know dinos you use that you won’t be suprised in battle.

I never used damage prediction help. Many players were crying cause it wasn’t accurate until recently.

Trophies arent everything… but if youve never played against a erli… dieno… tryko… your experience isnt is extremely limited and telling someone who is currently facing those kinds of tyrant that they need to use sonething better.