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You know it's time to stop battling when -

You get the same team “randomly” selected 2 or more times in a row. (my record is four)

When do you know it’s time to take a break?


When I start cursing lol


I was so mad when I battled you recently, I was at work and thoughtlessly hit the wrong attack button - cost me the match!


For me its when I finally win one and then I get irked when after a string of losses I get that 15 minute incubator.


You get that 3+ hour incubator. You finish your daily incubator. And for tournaments, when you reach that personal goal.

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When a common gets a swap in DSR :joy: #oldtimes

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I don’t remember the circumstances, but I definitely remember a “what?” moment lol.
When I saw your name, I knew immediately it was a misplay/misclick.

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I believe I had my tryo all primed with RTC and I hit ferocious strike instead of rampage… :confounded:

If I did that I would never play :joy:


When I don’t get turtle picked in tournament, and opponent has Phorusaura 4 times in a row.

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When an overboosted overleveled procerathomimus crits 2 times in a row, then as you send in ur next dino, it swaps to a dracoceratops that also crits on the swap in rampage


I get the same team selected atleast 4x in a row…hence the constant losing streaks…and frustration, cuz they usually are all my weaker dinos in one turn…instead of them being mixed in amongst the stronger ones as was the way I thought they would be


What happens most often for me is I get runs of the same three dinos with the fourth switching. Right now I get indom, tryo, and monosteg with a random #4.

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Yes x 1000 to the bad team shuffling. My record is about 5 times the same team. Like Stormi_Wolffe, they’re usually the weaker team members who really need at least one strong dino for them to work with to really shine on the battlefield.

Also - when the next 5 opponents bring in an overboosted DC that not a single team member can defeat because the HP is too high.
Bonus points if you have multiple dinos that can counter DCs like that which don’t get picked for any of those battles.


When Ludia picks rare and common dinos for season rewards that most people already have.

Beat me to it! Cannot remember the last time I was in the Arena without dropping a single F-bomb.

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Also when your attack buttons go on vacation. It’s not like you have a choice anyway.


When I rage boost something just to counter the stupid 143 speed Thor. When will Boosts 2.0 be here again?

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Your Phorusaura misses swap in stun 6 times in a row


…you just checked out IDGT’s roster & discovered that the dinos you are battling now looks kinda similar to his.

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