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You know the phrase “a picture says a thousand words?”

Here I am, watching a live replay of my AI battle, WHILE THE AI BATTLE IS STILL HAPPENING. This was after I opened the game after timing out mid match. The perspective is out of whack, and the visuals are all over the place. I feel like this summarizes the state of the game in terms of bug fixes very nicely.


That’s lame…

Had same thing:

Playing on it’s own, bringing out zombie dinos, my team playing on its own, no time out issues just quickly playing :woman_shrugging:t3: Watched a whole match but only managed to record the past minute


Markers at 0 and all over the place. IDK what this mess is.

Maybe it’s a Halloween bug… Lydia bringing out zombie dinos and just making you watch while they take down your team :zombie:‍♂

fee fi foo fum, i think i smell a copy-cat!

Connection issues.

Try a different wireless network.

I get this any time i reconnect to a match… was amusing the first time… not so much now. I think some exec at Ludia was like other competitive games allow you to watch replays we should to. Then they couldnt get it finished to actually function in 1.10 but put the half written code in the game anyway.

The words on my battle load screen are all shifted to the left.

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It’s almost a cool picture…

I’m no stranger to connection issues, and I’ve had this happen more than once already.