You know what Ankylocodon needs?

A new move called Rendering Execution.

It has a two turn delay and can take an enemies health from 100% to 0. It bypasses shields and armor.

There would be no escape from the mighty Ankylocodon. >:3
Give me your ankles!!!

I think my baby deserves it.

I’m joking of course, but my baby should get DSI at the very least. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s give him No Escape and Dig In while we’re at it.


I like this idea!

new boss fight
Admiral Ankylocodon


Oh my goodness, yes please!

Seriously… I dun mind another joke OP dino for April Fools

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i haven’t gotten to face Lord Lythronax, but i’d like to join in the fun.

Its a paaaaaain. Took me so many tries.

Naw. Save the cool stuff for its hybrid. Ankylocodon is good after the Immune buff, and I think it has been done justice.
Although perhaps raise its crit chance? Ophiacodon does have 40% after all.

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40% would be amazing.

Maybe give her 30% or 40% critical chance and decelerating rampage?

40% crit and APR

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Not bad but this move should have 2 turns delay like Rending Takedown rip thyla

I actually really liked ankylocodon because of her immunity and armor, I also used her in the lockdown arena, ah, the good ol days, though I would like ankylocodon to make a comeback, here is my version of ankylcodon:

Vulnerability strike
Armor piercing rampage
Decelerating impact
Long protection

4200 HP
30 crit
30 armor
1250 DMG
112 spd