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You know what really grinds my gears?

“You, America!” Jk. But seriously let’s talk about this minimum “CREAT” dna bs that keeps happening. 10? Seriously? Freaking make me go crazy! How much bs is that when it’s constantly 10 dna, 10 dna, and once more 10 freaking dna until I don’t have any more dna to hit that create button! If I had a middle finger emoji it would be used as much as that 10 dna!!!


Haha, I hear ya! Today was good though, as I had some 50’s and even a 90!


Ikr? I suggest the minimum be changed to AT LEAST 20.


Thank you! That’s all I’m asking.


I had a few rare 50’s and even a legendary 100 but mostly just the common 10’s. I need more good days like you. :slight_smile:


I love that idea, make every single hybrid created with no more than 100 DNA of each donating dino and you always get 10 DNA towards your new hybrid :joy::rofl::yum:

Oh wait that wasn’t your idea… I am not complaining after today’s incredible luck of the draws. I needed 100 to create a new hybrid so of course I stock up on my donating dinos DNA but get a 30, 30, 70! I nearly passed out in shock. I guess my new account is doing me some good.

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Maybe for now. That is until you run out of coins and then need to spend just one more penny to Ludia to level up that hybrid. Lol.

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I am only spending my coins on very specific dinos and ignoring the useless ones. I am hoping this works out, fingers crossed

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Yeah, I’m trying to remember that as I have learned from my husband who has 20+ dinos that all need leveling up on how it sucks to not have enough coins. Coins are not a problem as of yet so I have plenty to spare because how else will you gain more experience points if you don’t level the useless ones? Good luck.

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It’s random. But a random number generator (RNG) starts from a “seed” which (I think) can be timed out:
What I do is watch the animation of the dino as it plays & try to tap the CREATE button at the same particular point each time. Perhaps each time a certain foot raises, or when it roars, or when a jaw snaps shut. Or opens. The point is, I don’t just continually tap the button trying to speed thru the process. THAT way gets me buckets of “10s” like you describe (& a big frown). Give it a try. From what you describe, you can’t do any worse.


I think what your theory holds water. After reading your post I tried it with several Hybrids, and I consistently got 30-50 DNA at the start of the first animation. The trick is going to be figuring out exactly when the high DNA animations occur. Thanks for the tip!


Paramoloch and monostegotops I’ve had 2 tries and both are 140/200, I rex on the other hand has had 10 tries and I’m on 140… Also got 8 straight 10’s on postimetrodon yesterday

I’m doing great. Lvl up two dinosaurs last night and got 30 to 50 DNA on my trys.

The Einiasuchus is the upper roar. I just got 30, 50, 30, 30, 20, 70, 30, 50, 30 & then ran out of dna.

What really grinds my gears is realizing I didn’t know this earlier :joy:


I would also postulate that it’s likely different on each dino (but it might not be). Someone can get so involved in the “tries” they can overlook stuff. But it helps when you’re a chaotician with a little bit of computer programming experience as well (like me).

The most frustrating aspect of this game for me right now is… after spending a lot of time and footwork (and I mean a lot) collecting enough of those rare/epic DNA to make these legendary hybrids… to only get just 10 DNA time after time after fragging time! I could have finally had my first 3 legendaries last week with all the DNA I’ve been working hard to collect only to be utterly trolled by JWA giving measly 10 DNA. This is rage enducing! Ludia why? Why do you do this to your players? When we dedicate so much time/effort/money (optional) to be rewarded with something that’s only bound to frustrate us.

I would like to request Ludia remove the chance to only get 10 DNA when making hybrids, make it 20 IDK anything is better than just another blooming 10 DNA!


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The hybrid DNA is frustrating but I look at it like I expect to only get 10 each time, if I get more it’s a bonus.
The thing that annoys me on this forum is how so many posts get Temporarily Hidden waiting for moderation approval as soon as its posted, obviously based on keywords.

Seriously - the first attempt I made for an Indominus gave me 60 - every other attempt has been 10, meaning that the 150 Indominus DNA I’ve gotten (still not enough to unlock it even, mind you) has cost me 500 T-Rex DNA. Ridiculous.

I’m not sure if it will work, but it’s a good idea definitely worth the try. If it works, man did I lose a ton of DNA for no reason :crazy_face: :frowning::+1:t2:. If I can find this post again after I try it I’ll let you know if it worked for me.

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In my experiences, I’m getting over 10 points on nearly every dino I’m fusing save a few I haven’t got lucky enough to gauge when to hit the button. Just remember to be patient & observant. Don’t be in a hurry. The only time I hit the button immediately is after I’ve lost my “timing” & want to start the “pattern” over (more on that later). Let me share with you my observations for ankylocodon (which I’ve had decent success with) as the timing point (at least for me) is relatively easy to spot:

her animation cycle begins with a roar after she raises her head. She then fidgets for a second or so & prances a bit. Watch carefully & you will see her sort of punch her snout downwards, forward, & then up again (kind of like a “shoveling” movement) after which she roars & the pattern repeats again. It is on this downward “shoveling” movement I hit the button. Note that if you miss this first opportunity, I recommend you eXit out & go back in to start over as it doesn’t always work deeper into the animation cycle. In fact, I recommend this exit & return strategy to reset an animation cycle each time after getting two or three tens in a row on any dino. Good luck in searching out the key timing movements in others. If you’re getting tons of tens anyway, you really don’t have anything to lose.