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You know what would be great? Faster “PVP” battles

Given the run of the last 5 weekends of tournaments for unlocks (which has been great for progress), it has become very evident that the “PVP” battles take way longer than they should.

I would say on average I take about 3 seconds to make my move. I’d say the average battle takes about 3 minutes (from choosing dinos to getting the prize for a victory).
Let’s also assume the average battle each team takes 10 turns.

This makes about 30 seconds of me playing and the 2:30 rest of the time is just waiting for animations and the other player to move. This is a horrible ratio (1:5), and makes it way more time consuming and boring, and does not make me want to invest more time.

The obvious first candidate for reduction in wasted time is the time it takes the bot to move, often 15+ seconds and pretty much always 10+ seconds. I think this could easily fit down a minute.

The second is the animations and time after a victory. First the trophies count down, then the leader chart takes way too long and then the dumb wheel spin. This process should take 2 seconds not the 15+ seconds it currently does. We all know the prize is determined before and the wheel spin doesn’t make a difference.

The Dino animations are good, but really all other animations are just a waste of time (I’m looking at you, fusion chamber blinking).

@Keith @Daven can we get this looked into? It would make this game much more enjoyable as less time would be wasted just waiting for something to happen.


Big +1 here, but unfortunately, I am not sure this will get much traction. It’s all about keeping the “illusion” of PvP actually being against another player, even though we all know it’s really a bot. Ludia is trying to give the impression of a player thinking about their move and it just ends up eating up a bunch of time.

This is also the reason why PvP battles cannot be continued if and when you lose connectivity mid-battle. Other types of battles allow you to pick up where you left off, whereas with PvP, you just lose - again the illusion is that the player you were facing left, so you cannot just continue.

I’m not sure why Ludia is so hell-bent on trying to pretend that this is anything other than a bot…

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@Whyludiawhy this happened to me once, I had 3 potential blocks and my creature had 1600+ health whereas the opponent bot (probably glass cannon or advantage creature) had around 1590 attack stat. It had 5 turns, so instead of doing what a sane “player” would do and go for at least 3-4 attacks within maximum 5 seconds. It took 12 full seconds to make this move.