You know you're a JP nerd when

You have and regularly play JP/JW board games.

Whatchu guys got?


Naming my pets with Jurassic nicknames count?

I have a Golden tegu named Rexy, a Wonder gecko pair named Charlie (boy) and Echo (girl), a psychotic High White California kingsnake named Indominus, a ridgetail monitor lizard named Delta and a pair of sailfin upsidedown catfish named Ellie and Spiny Boi

and you are learning french at the same time - bien oui!

I just want to know why the t-rexes neck is sooooo long.

Spending at least 15 mins explaining that the Velociraptors from JP/JW were in fact based on the Deinonychus and not the actual Velociraptor.


“Deinonychus should be in the game!” “ACTUALLY, Deinonychus already IS in the game…”