You like D&D games, post other favorites you play or played

D&D fan myself and have played a lot of them and wanted to see if their were maybe new or similar games that are out or coming out that others are playing or liked.

Me currently playing Low Magic Age on steam it’s like pools of radiance kind of with the open source D&D rule set.
Looking forward to Realms Beyond:Ashes of the Fallen as well seems similar with better graphics.

Baulders Gate 3 was just announced!! played the first two quite a bit back in the day. dark alliance 2 was one of my favorites, dark sun was pretty cool, neverwinter nights was also good. haven’t played any in quite awhile though.

Thanks hadn’t heard about boulders gate 3 have to look at that one to get.

Would really love to see a D&D ARPG like D&D skin on diablo

That’s what dark alliance 2 was for the console, it was deadly, got to play as drizzt with d&d setup laid over a Diablo style game

“Dungeons & Dragons Online” (DDO) is 13 years old, but still going Strong. It has a lot of character customization, including multi-classing and cosmetic gear, and a very engaging combat system. The devs are very responsive to feedback as well.

The game spans 3 D&D worlds (Ebberon, FR, and a bit of Greyhawk, including Ravenloft), and recently expanded into the city of Sharn, where we finally got Dinosaurs (see image 3 for one caught in web). One of the big features of the game is “reincarnation”, where you reset a capped character back to lv 1, with a special “past life feat” and all your gear in the bank, waiting for you to lv up and be able to use it again!

To timestamp my life, I played P-n-P D&D back in the day… First computer was a Commodore64 rocking the gold box D&D games! Played virtually every D&D PC game ever made…

While not technically “D&D” the Pathfinder: Kingmaker game that came out somewhat recently is phenomenal. It might as well be D&D since the Pathfinder system is just a modified 3.5, and from what I hear they just took the famous Kingmaker module and made it into a CRPG. (I never played the module, sadly, so I can’t speak on its accuracy.)
Best of all is the game is also in GoG, so you aren’t locked into some crummy DRM.

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Not many of these are like Warriors of Waterdeep, but the topic is about “D&D” games…

Any of the classic Infinity Engine games: the Baldur’s Gate series, the Icewind Dale series, and Planescape: Torment. That last one may be my favorite video game of all time. All of them are now available for modern machines from Beamdog. Also loved Neverwinter Nights (also just re-mastered/re-released).

Loved Dragon Age: Origins (even if I never actually finished it).

Pillars of Eternity was an insanely great update to the Infinity Engine games (though I never finished that one either).

I’m also having fun with the Diablo-like Torchlight series.

Been a d&d player/dm for 30+ years, played almost every dnd game there is both bookwise and videogame wise, Pathfinder Android game was very enjoyable until lvl 3 when you could only progress by buying adventures in game {so I uninstalled then} thinking bout doing that with this one stuck at 6, idle champions is a good one to play it’s official d&d game also

Original Sin games get a big thumbs up from me. There’s also an actual DND game on PS4 called Sword Coast Legends (I picked it for about $10). It’s not great, but I really enjoyed fighting actual DND monsters throughout the adventure as well as equipping iconic weapons (e.g., Holy Avenger). Anyway, it’s worth your while.