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You made it worse ^^

Dear ludia,

At the start when You could buy unlimited boots I knew it was a glitch. Now that boots are in the store 20x att and HP and 3x speed I spend all my money on boosts.

My team is now even more OP I am able to compensate for speed loss with HP and attack.
So I traded speed for insane amount of HP and attack can’t complain, but I think balance has not been restored.


Yep, just tried to play 3 matches. Each one I got rolled by some combo of uber boosted indo/draco/thor, 135 speed thor :|, guess I need to throw more cash at the screen

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That is what they want you to do.
Get upset and spend more money. Lol


Just did a couple of matches my average dino level is 24 and defeated a couple of players with an average Dino lvl of 27-28


Yeah it’s pretty sweet… guess my first red flag was that this company’s resume is a bunch of mobile slot machine games

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The “glitch” allowed some people to buy unlimited boosts…Ludia made a bundle.

The “fix”, allow everyone to buy a boatload of boosts…Ludia makes a ton of money.

The propaganda that Ludia is feeding us is that this fixes everything when in reality it changes absolutely NOTHING. The arena is just as busted as it was before the update.



They missed the chance to sell more boosts to players who coulden’t buy.


You are 100% right I was at 4600 prior to stat boosts and now I am at 5180 in arena

It’s just as bad after! I was at 5000ish before boosts and now sit down around 4100 all lost to teams way lower leveled!

Its worse than that they gave a bunch of extra free money to people apparently and not all of us got it. Yet.

the $100 thanks for being patient gift?


Players have got

5000 cash and more!

Tons of money for free!!

This is 10 x boost-packages!!

And more than they should have got!!

The arena is TOTAL UNBALANCE after this!

Nope people who didn’t buy a single pack are reporting lots of extra cash. New information from the stat boost page suggests we were supposed to be compensated for our entire inventory to ‘enjoy the stat boosts’. Well I certainly did not receive anywhere near the compensation others are reporting who purchased nothing.

I got exactly 500 HC back for my one single purchase where others are reported 2500 cash back and having purchased nothing prior to the rollback.

I spent $1000hc on boosts after the original update, 1 each of health and damage.

I just received $9000hc from Ludia after the update.

How about a coin sale so I can spend it on something worthwhile…


They will need to restart the game.

Dobbie!!! <3

If you received more HC than you spent, you’re supposed to send in a ticket.

I was 5500 and now 4300 :’)


I’m not surprised they messed up again.

So here we go. Another 2-3 weeks for things to " normalize" again and find my trophy range.

It will be a back n forth slaughter house for the next week.

As a ftp I won’t complain too loud. I just shake my head and go with the punches.


ok so… extra cash… if you weren’t planning on buying out the current offers then its no difference to you.


I’m buying this time with what i earned in play. Not going to use real money. The big spenders can use real money and move up to the top arena where i won’t be affected after things normalize.