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You made it worse ^^


No difference to me? Ummm… the difference is, is that the person who got the extra cash may not of wanted to buy out those offers either, but with free cash they sure will (or maybe they won’t). It puts me and that person who wouldn’t of spent cash either in different tiers because they can now spend HC that they otherwise wouldn’t have. So. Big Difference.


still doesnt make a difference. maxxing out purchase is fair game to all


if you are not then you open yourself up to the consequences. or just settle in and play the slow game.


I don’t have a problem with the update yet, like it so far. Its more fair and balanced than the last one. Then again I need to spend more time in the arena to know. Can’t base it off 2-3 matches and call it worse or better imo. It needs time to soak in.

The problem I do have is how it seems like some players were short on there refund thing? I hope support can work it out. That’s not really fair to them.

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there are also scammers out there trying to get free stuff.


Yeah hopefully they review there accounts some. So far I’m fine with update here. And it looks like support is helping some who didn’t get there correct refunds. So… patience and just be calm. I’m thinking of going vip almost just because the roll back. I highly doubted the roll back but here it is. It needed to happen! But I’ll let this soak in before. Because I can’t personally tell if its worse or better yet.


While everyone was complaining about Thor, I seemed to have the biggest problem against Tryko boosted up to the sky, unfair boosts from that exploit day. No matter what I would lose to Tryko. So rollback 100% needed to happen.

I also feel like some complainers may be those who did exploit boost day. And now are upset because they drop. Sorry no more speedy trykos and thors that are out of reach for normal play.


The extra cash doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. I won’t spend it on boosts, I’d rather buy coins and keep leveling up the right way.
I use the free boosts bit that’s it


Yeah idk why they gave out a ton of free cash. I got 14k and i can promise you i didnt spend anywhere near that much on boosts.

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1 spent 2000 hc and received only 500


They have refunded and credited everyone for every boost point they had, Plus the possible boosts that they could have acquired through strike events and daily battle incubators. Also they seem to have thrown some cash on top of it. I only paid for 2,000 game cash worth of boosts but I ended up with 7K game cash today


Wow, isn’t it an overkill to spend such money on virtual creatures? But i guess everyone has their priorities in life.


I don’t spend that kind of money. I do have a VIP for $10 a month, but all the other cash is from TapJoy and supply drops etc.

$1000hc doesn’t take that long to accumulate that way. It was Ludia that gave me $9000 after this debacle, and it seems that quite a few people were over compensated besides me.


Imo boosts have ruined this game.

Prior to boosts players that paid had a slight advantage.
After boosts players that continue to pay have an even higher advantage.

But whatever… enjoy spending money on a game that probably won’t last long unless ludia changes the game.

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Sad that a darn good game continues to be butchered by Ludia technicians.
I really think this game could be one of the best ever if ran by professionals.
I will be looking for a better game by a good developer next week to start over. Thanks again Ludia…

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I guess i didnt see “hc” next to $1000 and was shocked that people are willing to spend so much money :slight_smile:


Thats not even whale money…100k is whale money…

There are people who have spent over a mil… in a mobile game and im not talking about the company making it.

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I’m very happy with the rollback. I finally got my trophies back to where they were before the mess. I struggled before boosts with getting stuck for a month at the same trophy range because it took so long to make some of my dinos or I evolved the wrong one & had to start from the beginning on another. It was getting old. The boosts help with some progression using the dinos you already have while you are working on others. I know a lot of people say it takes the strategy out of the game but I think it actually adds to it. It takes skill to build a boosted team with effective meta against other boosted teams and to win with it. With the limited boosts, everyone is going to boost their team differently so I am happy to see some surprises in battles instead of the same teams over & over.

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I agree, my experience has been worse than before. For 6 months I was bottom top 500. I live in Lockwood now. Once my cancelled VIP expires I’m done. Boosts born out of greed destroyed this game


In retrospect, this all seems planned.
Could any company REALLY be this incompetent? No.
Step 1
“Accidentally” release boosts into the market. People see the value. People buy.

Step 2
Remove boosts and give everyone in game cash.

Step 3
Sell boosts again.

It’s brilliant, I’ll give them that.

I almost considered BUYING HC and buying all the available boosts.

Then I played arena and got slaughtered.

The game is no fun, and I see what they did there.

Nope. Either dropping way down and not caring about trophies or not playing.

I boosted my team intelligently after the rollback.
The teams I faced when I entered arena were far more boosted than before the rollback. Nope. Insert expletives.

I also wasn’t fairly compensated. Bought boosts before, quite a few. Only got 7k back.