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You make me sick ludia

Alliance tournament 2nd battle this happens after losing first battle 3-2 opponent brings in a lvl 30! miraguia i use my highest dino a 22 velociraptor he swaps in this monster then swaps in another one game over in seconds so close to smashing my phone it’s no wonder soo many players always leaving


I can suggest not smashing your phone.


I’ll just leave this here


I Took your advice the phone is saved !!! just Cancelled Premium instead of taking phone out on the patio with my lump hammer as previously done a few times over the last 20 years!!


As soon as I sawed this level 30 with Boosts, I closed the game and Threw my Phone to Jupiter

There is no point blaming Ludia.

I only have crappy level 10 - 15s on one of my alts and my first 3 matches were 0-3 so 15 minutes to get not one single takedown!

I literally just got my 10 takedowns after almost 40 minutes and felt sorry for the players I finally fought that will have only been playing a short time given how low their teams were.

Tournaments for me are the worst part of the game, especially the advantage ones.


not to sound insensitive, but it is literally the beginning of an advantage tournament. we don’t know what people are saving in the back at their current arena score. i’ve found 9 times out of 10 that the start of advantage is never going to be anywhere close to even. and team power matching has no place in this kind of tournament.


All points taken thanks guys and girls.the red mist is slowly descended not exactly rocket science but why can’t they make it like the arenas are supposed to be a fairer matchmaking even though its an “advantage” Tournament, they could set disparity levels!! form example anyway do my 10 kills for clan thats me done till next fri sooo many hate these alliance tournaments but i know ludia need them so there staff can have a nice weekend off work so have a nice weekend ludia while my clan gripe all weekend about how unfair these tournaments are and lose another member possibly over them cheers

Advantage tournament, eh? I guess that’s why I’m always facing overleveled boosted raptors

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This. :arrow_double_up:

To start with, everyone is against everyone. By midday tomorrow the higher level teams will have cleared up to the top and it will balance out. This is how it works in advantage tournaments.

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Yeah, As hard as it might be, please don’t smash your phone.

I think we’ve all been there though :joy::exploding_head::rat::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Yeah. I like so many others only have fuse level unboosted dinos. It took 30 minutes for all 10 kills :neutral_face:. Which isn’t as bad as could be, but not exactly fun lol.

But you don’t want to join on the last day either.

This is called an advantage tournament for a reason. While it does suck to get that out of the gate, this is what the tournament is supposed to be. The people with those creatures who invested in them will do better than those who didn’t


I was where you are, and frustrated.
I’m now one of the players you despise, and enjoy them a great deal.
I would advise anyone who isn’t invested in tournaments to keep out until Sunday. By then you won’t be seeing our boosted nonsense.

It won’t change, because many players now focus hard on tournaments. Some alliances specifically focus on them.

Especially the alliance of my friend @Phil, who I matched right at the start. It wasn’t pleasant at the time, but I’m glad it was me and not one of the phone throwers. :rofl:
And for @Phil - I’m hunting you down…

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Basically the same for me on my main account. Nothing high enough or boosted for these garbage tourneys

This is why I save major grinding for last day in advantage tourneys, it’s a bit of a mess day 1

It’s an advantage tournament so it’s expected to have unfair fights/boosted random monsters. They are only for a select few that either use those dinos in their current arena roster or are high enough to have spare resources to spend on tourney dinos. For me, I just stack my team with bleeders, get 10 takedowns and i’m done. The rewards for those are rarely worth it especially considering how punitive the rankings are.

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I got matched against a level 30 super boosted Dracorex. My team was 3 cunnings and my own lv20 unboosted Dracorex. Don’t think anyone needs to ask how it went :rofl:

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Two different battles. I’d say because I started early (30 min in tourneys) and all the serious players came on but it still doesn’t excuse Ludia. What if players who just started tourneys tried this and now don’t wanna co-operation or contribute to their alliance because of situations like these?

its always going to happen some people key the teams for tournies others for raids other for pvp or the big boys do the lot becasue they can all you can do is figure out counters like swapins draco baby draco toijana brass maigigi or whetever the names are :slight_smile: there are only a couple of trapers here like sino and andrewsuches so use swap to your advantage also…sloth…i have beatens ome pretty nasty dinos with that pplus its fun to watch :stuck_out_tongue:
just cause i,m a proud dadda have a video :stuck_out_tongue: