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You need to fix things, dummies

first, AI battle in normal arena.
because I’m not playing your worthless
tournament, and I can’t find anything in
normal arena.
seriously, we need it.

second, bug fixes.
my game just turned off in few minuites ago, and I still can’t play it.
and this game is full of lag,
and it stinks.

and last, remove stat boosts.
seriously, it’s one of the craziest and
dummest change of 1.7 version.
I fought against 145 speed thoradolo
few times, and it always throw crits to me.
hell, mate.
more like a god-like freak, isn’t it?
I don’t want to mess with anyone,
but never mind.
just fix it or you’ll regret this.

just like Jurassic World The Game,
It’s an endgame now.

don’t waste time for this crap.