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You need to update this game


This could be a great game if you were not so greedy. The mutagen takes way too long to collect and unless you pay your extreme amount you are waiting a week to upgrade a character above 50. Raid tokens are also proof that this is a pay to win game and your greed. Other games in this genre let you raid for free and do not cost an arm and a leg for materials. Your subscriptions rewards are paltry and for 9.99 a month you should shower us in freaking materials.
This game has not been updated in over a year and there is so much of the show that you did not include. What about the monsters episode? What about the apocalyptic storyline? No enemies from the space season. I know this show is not on anymore but it is the best incarnation of the show and is one of the most watched shows on HULU. So go ahead with your bad gem game and let this game go to the wayside because it shows what you think of your fans and customers.

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