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You owe me 2 alpha chests!

Give me the rewards for the TWO alpha chests I lost because of bugs!

Also, do this for everyone still playing this almost unplayable game (these issues affects every player, I know this from my clan pals), and DO SOMETHING FOR THOSE DAMNED BUGS!


Hey DragonRider, could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key if you haven’t already? Our team would be more than happy to try and assist you.

Thank you.

Support gave me some ‘loot’ as they called it for the first chest but nothing for the second. I was disappointed not to receive sheep or 4* dragons in my ‘loot’.

Already did that yesterday
Mail subject: “Give me my hard-work-earned rewards”

I hate to actually say this… but so far so good since the Valentine’s update.