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You people (player base) are ruining this game!


If you people would just quit buying stupid stuff like this, maybe Ludia will learn that are being way too greedy and pricing stuff way too high.

I would consider buying this for $14.99, but $49.99? Really? :joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


They just try it like f.e. apple. Ridiciously high prices for normal incubators.
But, it works for them because enough people are bying these just as you said.


Thats also the incubator i was refering to the other day that has random commons and rares… only the epics are guranteed to be from the scary creaturea.


oh so it’s ok to insult the people paying for the servers run time, but you can freeload mmk


Lol! You are funnier then the Bill Burr stand up i just watched! Heh, ty for that! Made my morning!


Its a great deal for the cash and coins. Basically a level up offer. I already got one and I’m contemplating another.

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i don’t tell you how to spend your money, don’t tell me how to spend mine.

also, all those pills and sprays are a scam - just wear a hat if it bothers you so much.

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Do you get that the game is still running only thanks to people that buy stuff from the shop, right?


Yeah, well… I actually hope people do keep buying so the game can keep growing and improving without me having to spend my money :laughing:

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I think a lot of you failed to grasp what I was saying, and rather quickly chose to jump on the drama bandwagon instead. Thats ok though, typical forum behaivior and I expected as much. Love ya :kissing_heart:

Anyway, I never said not to buy stuff from the store, I just said the prices are ridiculous. Argue that all you want to… I have my MJ popcorn gif ready to go :sunglasses:

I have VIP and have paid for that for almost 7 months now. I bought all of the one time offers up to and stopping at $20.00 and I still buy stuff from the store as well. So no freeloading here.


Grandma’s Christmas check has to be spent somewhere :star_struck:

Anyone have screenshots of this monstrosity?

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Sorry, but the title of your thread justifies any misunderstanding =)

If you want to focus on prices, you’re right


you act like you are new to this forum… how many times has this subject been brought up?? how many times do you strut around saying you dont buy pixels?? if you want to be c2p(cheap to play) good on u. we all dont need to know this…


Lol what a clown!?! You realise that’s like an epic amount of time worth to get those coins DNA and cash right!? If your like me work full time and have a social life these offers are absolute gold! I can see how they might not seem that great to people who grind jwa all day or spoof! But to us regular ppl who play this as a game is meant to be played (for fun when we aren’t busy with real life!) and have a steady income it’s better than buying a round of drinks out with your mates as that would cost about the same and only leave you with a hangover the next day and nothing to show for it! Then there’s the already mentioned pt that if no-one bought these then ludia couldn’t pay server fees and the game would cease to exist!!!

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Im not cheap to play though.

We dont need to hear your 10,000 posts a day either, but it is what is it right?


Let’s be nice please.


cheap and complain about everything dude. you are so negative about all aspects of the game… why are you even here…


Not true at all, I just call it the way I see it. I have many positive posts about this game.




Totally agree the prices should be lower but ludia doesn’t know the meaning of low prices.