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You’re my boy, Blue


Anyone else see the new video advertising the wide release? It shows them capturing “Blue”, the velociraptor from the new movies, as a rare dino. Pretty cool, if it’s actually going to be part of the next update. I do t remember seeing it in any previous release notes.

Saw the video on the JWA Facebook page.


Maybe dinosaur skins… Would be cool indeed! The only blue raptor i know is an utahraptor lol.

Oh and he could create the carno and the headbut dino; which both of them i haven’t seen so far, only in an enemy AI team. Hopefully those will be available as well!


Couple screenshots just to prove mine eyes did not deceive me.


My guess is when the movie comes out as the dinos that are missing are in the new movie like the indo rapter and the carno