You should be able to use a flare in a similar way to Pokémon Go's Incense (i.e. attract spawns to your current location)


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Awesome idea! We’ll make sure to forward your suggestion to the team.


I had pretty much same idea but with different iteams such as a goat for meat eaters and a bush for a veggie eaters… I posted my full idea here. Attract dinosaurs to come to you when stationary


I like the flare idea. Sometimes a good 2 hour walk doesn’t feel very fruitful for rare or epic dinos. An item collected only at supply drops would make sense, for those actually getting out there to do some hunting.


This isn’t a bad idea, but think about the implications for the development team. It’s one thing to create a way to attract dinosaurs, but when it starts becoming specific, it becomes a slippery slope.
One way to do something? Okay, cool.
Two ways to do something in two different ways? But now the users want this one… and this one… and this one…

It’s totally my opinion but this is what I think about it:
A flare could spawn anything that would spawn in that area, maybe with a slightly fairer chance of spawning less common spawns otherwise you’d almost always get the same few creatures with any flare.

But with your idea, meat attracts carnivores and veggies attract herbivores. Then what happens with omnivores? What happens with piscivores like the Pterosaurs that will probably be added soon? What happens with smaller creatures like insectivores? People will keep requesting new things that actually make sense.


This is such a great idea!


The flare idea is less expensive to do and yeah was gonna suggest that but also and this is I know will be to much but some dinosaurs where actually noctornal would be cool to have like day and night creatures but I know it’s a bit to much.


"T. rex doesn’t want to be fed. He wants to hunt. Can’t just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct.”

Implies tiered hunting: goat tied to a stake, a wondering cow, a paddock of cows for carni. Maybe a garden, trees, or a grassy field for herbi. To attract certain types.


Day and night creatures wouldnt be too much to ask for, Pokémon go has ghosts from the evening to early morning.


There already are different spawns at day and night. Predatory creatures are more common at night.


This is an awesome idea


Please in some areas…like rural areas…you don’t get many Pokémon in Go app and the incense is the only way to find things. Would be a big help to have something to attract the Dinos. Thanks!


+1 to this idea

Would be great to add other things to buy as well like double XP, double DNA, etc. . .


Try to add us a lure token for when we get stationary, you can add an exchange for the lures can make it the same as dart exchange


Idea has been suggested before; in the form of a flare like in the movie. Devs seem to be excited about it so maybe it’ll make it into the game! :wink:


It would be greate if we could get something to lure dinos to you. Just like in pokemon go, we really need that. Maybe it could be bought by coins


Agreed for sure I would love if it attracts dinos that are more uncommon as well.


I was just about to start a topic about this subject :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not always easy to find dinos around where I live, so i would really like something to lure dinos with :grin:

PS. If you do make this possible, please do not let it cost real money or make it difficult to buy/acchieve :frowning:


No sorry, don’t agree at all!

… it should be a goat you stake to the ground for carno’s or a pile of leaves for the herbies :wink:


What FoeHammer said! Please we could use anything really.