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You should make 1.7 all about bug fixes


Just speaking for myself here (obviously), but at this current stage of the game, I’m really not interested in any new hybrids or dinos for 1.7.

I am greatly interested however, in a properly working game that doesnt bug out every day in some form or another.

/rant off


While i agree about fixing bugs and optimization needs to be done. We need something to shake up the meta in 1.7… the same meta that was established in 1.5 doesnt need to be the same meta all the way up until 1.8. It doesnt have to be new hybrids though they could do something like buffing the crocs and counter attackers not named tryko. That would allow a meta shake up without spending resources on new dinos.


Always need new dinosaurs but yes, they do need to focus on the bugs at the moment.


Bug stomping should have been the focus of 1.6 and then once those were sorted then looking at the new dinos and the alliance challenge.

Let’s hope they do the stomping in 1.6.1

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As much as we all want new dinos, the most important thing is to get this game working properly for once. They really need to focus on fixing ALL of the bugs before implementing more new features that bring even more bugs. I want the lag fixed first. It’s the most annoying thing in thw game right now and shouldn’t have been ignored for an entire week.


They don’t care what you think. Just keep pumping that money into this fractured game and enjoy it.

They need that money to make more useless dinos, crit and stun happy dinos, invincible swap dinos, and other dinos that really cheapen the game quality.

They also need to have you buy more useless incubators.

This hasn’t isn’t worth the $70 they ask on things. Let alone those that spend way more than that on useless crap in the game in hopes it’ll give them a chance given how horribly buggy and fractured this game is.


I agree they must fix bugs, but i dont think that the main 1.7 update should be about bug fixes. They should be able to implement those in between during 1.6, just with quick maintenances. I personally would still like to see more changes in meta along with more dinos/hybrids, as well as other in game mini-games/strikes. One main thing I would like to see is a change to battle arena overall, the ability to decide whether u want to participate in a ranked match.