You should respect community ludia!

After 3 years of playing , i got to say ludia is disrespecting community day by day . As i remember , the game wasn’t as pay to win as today . Except this , ludia is destroying community slowly and they are forgetting they are here because community Yes , if community don’t spend money , ludia won’t be like this .

I think for example at least they can make an fanmade update
Like ludia says we want to add 2 unique cunning fierces and … . Then community would make that mentioned creatures , and the most voted will be added to game . A feature will be added this way too . All the things of this update are fanmade , also it’s loading screen!

BTW , we don’t need much things , we just need respect @Ludia_Developers @E.D


Never have, never will…

As well as the lag fixed while riding and the raid hit boxes.

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