You solved the pvp matchmaking 😍😍

Thank you Ludia! Now I can play like before the 1.7 update. Now, I meet players like my level and hardly over my level… It’s very balanced! I like that! Thank you!!! I like the update 1.8 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I agree with you. Though apparently it’s worse for others


Depends on the trophy count and Average Dino level I think.
For me Trophy count at 1.7: 5380 average Dino level: 24-25 it has become worse.
At 1.8 Trophy count: 5080 and facing level 27-30 teams

It’s been worse for me yesterday and today, but I think it is getting better.
I’m going to hold off judgement until things settle out and then see.

I think we had really high level players that were trapped at a low score, and now they need to claw through us to get back where they belong. Once they get back up in the 5000 range where they belong, we shouldn’t have to deal with this any more.


I’m over 5000 trophies. For me are three Days I win really easily. I met people who they have dinosaurs boosted more or less like mine.
That’s good. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I hope all the players who had inflated trophy counts (and egos, in some cases, I’m sure) have fun gettin beat down to where they belong.
Happy Tourney Season :smile:


More than happy to kick these level 20’s down to where they belong.

I see some people complaining about facing high level teams but the arena is just rebalancing finally. It always ticked me off to see people brag about being ranked with a level 23 team.

People in the top 500 before 1.7 were people who had either worked their butts off for over a year or dumped a ton of money into the game. These whiners need to stop and just focus on working on their team and moving up gradually like everyone else

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That is magic of introducing new arenas

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i was at 3800 in 1.7 and i was fighting 24-30 dinos, now they are roughly my level again 19-24

Yeah… Sometimes compares some problem like meeting dinosaurs overboosted level 30 and you have just level 25-26… How disappointing! But the more of the times the battles are balanced :blush:

yup,im really glad matchmaking is finally fix…
Ludia should have wrote it in the patch note but whatever…problems are solved

Not so balanced for me. I’m hovering just inside the aviary, running 23/24 with moderate boosts (4’s and 5’s), and the majority (over 2/3rds) of the matches I get feature 26-28s with a 26-27 Rat and 4800-4900 trophies. Either something I have is pushing my perceived level way too high, or too much emphasis is placed by the algorithm on the tier level (all greens, one epic).

I’m really struggling to hold my own against four Dino’s two to three levels higher than me, one of which is a 27Thor at speed 7 and a 27Rat at same.

If it was one in four or one in five I’d just put it down the paucity of players at my level (since many quickly move up the tiers), but three or four out of every five matches are like this.

Sort of stumped. Does anyone have insight into the weighting that rarity gets from a matchmaking perspective?